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Created for keeping cozy during baby's first weeks, our unique cradle bedding offers comfort tailored to a newborn's needs. Our cradle bedding sets fit standard-size cradle mattresses that measure approximately 18" x 36". Available in many styles and fabric patterns, each cradle bedding set comes with matching cradle bumper, blanket and fitted sheet and is expertly crafted in the U.S.A. Bedding set pieces can be purchased as a bundle or a la cart. Scroll through our vast selection above or choose a theme, product or tag to get started.

A few tips regarding buying and using a cradle include:

  • Look for JPMA certification seal. The Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association is a national trade organization dedicated to children's product safety. Older cradles, especially those beautiful ones passed down in families, are typically lacking the safety features of modern cradles and will not carry the JPMA seal. These and other cradles that have not been JPMA approved really should not be used except for decorative purposes.
  • The bedding for the mattress pad should fit snugly and should not bunch or gather. Using a snug fitting cradle sheet is the safest way to prevent unwanted and unsafe bunching. Never use a sheet that was not designed specifically for the cradle mattress. Our cradle sheets are backed with over 21 years of experience and are especially designed for cradle pads and mattresses that measure the standard 18 inches by 36 inches.
  • Although there are nostalgic songs about rocking cradles, the rocking motion of the cradle should be limited. Cradles that rock too far can create problems for small infants that are unable to stabilize their small bodies. A better alternative for babies who like a lot of motion is a simple swing. Today's swings come with safety harnesses, music, interesting mobiles and are loved by many babies who like movement while they rest. A rocking cradle should have a smooth and subtle movement.
  • If you choose to buy a used cradle, make sure that the mattress that comes with the cradle is a perfect fit and comes from the manufacturer of the cradle. Make sure there are no loose parts or pieces of the cradle that may have a splintering edge.
  • Cradles are typically used for a baby's first six months before they transition to their own crib in their own nursery. Considering the short term nature of your cradle, it might be a prudent idea to purchase a cradle that meets or exceeds safety requirements but one that does not have extravagant features. Having the best bedding, as opposed to carved wood or fancy adornments, is the best way to assure your child's comfort and safety.