Window Valances Bring Together a Nursery

I’ll have to admit that when my wife was expecting and we were signing up for a baby gift registry, I didn’t even know what a valance was.  Of course, there were many things I didn’t know, but I remember asking, “what is a window valance and why do we need one?”

Like a crib skirt, the primary purpose of a valance is to hide unsightly hardware.  But valances can also bring together a theme and put the finishing touches on a nursery.  Valances can be used with or without curtains, but they are typically paired with curtains for a more formal appearance.

Valances are also considered window treatments and come several styles.  At, we offer two of the most time-honored and versatile styles: balloon valances and tab top valances.

The balloon valance (also known as rod pocket valance) typically envelopes the curtain rod and gathers, or ballons, along the width of the window.

Balloon Style Window Valance

A tab top valance hangs on the curtain rod via a series of loops and leaves parts of the curtain rod exposed.

Tab Top Window Valance
Tab Top Window Valance

Whether you are looking to add a splash of color to your nursery or want to add the finishing touch to a coordinating design, window valances are a great way to bring together your nursery.