What Happens in Vegas…Goes on our Blog! ABC Kids Expo 2010 Recap!

It’s been almost a week since I stepped onto my plane at the Las Vegas airport, heading home after attending this year’s ABC Kids Expo.  And even though a couple of hours later I actually stepped back off of the plane (still in Las Vegas) because some vent on our aircraft didn’t shut after takeoff…I eventually got home and am able to count our week at the Expo as a huge success (not to mention lots of fun).

We found some amazing new decor items to add to our website as we do our best to offer you a comprehensive nursery decorating experience.  We also met some wonderful new friends and reconnected with some old ones.  We had our share of celebrity sightings, ate at some incredible restaurants (fyi…the food at Sinatra was unbelievable), and surprisingly enough…walked away with a little extra money thanks to some impressive work at the craps table!

(Not me…I just rolled the dice, die, whatever.)

Here are a few highlights from our Vegas Adventure:

It got interesting right off the bat what with a serenading robot.  See the guy behind me? Yeah, he thought it was weird too.

We met up with the gals from Project Nursery!  What a great group (and an awesome resource for nursery decoration advice and  inspiration).

Hooked up with our friend Reesa…we carry her artwork on our website.  She now offers frames & wall letters as well. What do you think of those?

Even though we don’t carry dishware for kids, I saw this innovative company called Spuds, Inc. that manufacturers these cute dishes out of leftover potatoes!  Apparently they’ll be introducing items made out of 100% natural rubber soon (pacifiers, teethers, etc.).  Definitely a company to watch!

We were also lucky enough to meet up with the gals from Little Crown Interiors!  They’re incredibly talented nursery and kid’s rooms designers who blog (and vlog) for Project Nursery.  One of them (I won’t say which) admitted a mild addiction to our Nursery Designer (btw, she likes red).

We loved fooling around with Kristen from Ju Ju Be!  (and we love their diaper bags…pretty tweet!)

But we really loooooved their Guitar Player Guy…

And after a few fun days meeting vendors, bloggers, and media…we gave our sore feet a break and enjoyed the spoils of Las Vegas.  Seriously…you’d be surprised what a martini can do for blisters!

We’d like to offer special thanks to our friends at Mutsy for letting us hang out in their showroom when we needed a little break (and our daily dose of Dutch humor).  Until next year…..

Vegas Baby!