We Have a Winner!

We loved reading the entries for our “what is fall like in your town” contest and had such a hard time choosing the winner!  I think we can all agree that fall is a magical time of year made even more magical by the pending birth of your little one.  Thank you so much to all of you for entering our contest and sharing the feeling of fall – from all corners of North America.

Congratulations to our winner … Michelle Torres!  Her vivid description of fall in Charleston stood out for us and we are glad to end her search for Miles’ bedding!  Michelle will receive a 4-piece Gray and Yellow Zig Zag crib bedding set!

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Fall for Michelle’s family in Charleston, South Carolina:

Fall for our Family in Charleston, SC is about so many many things, that it is hard to choose just one. So I won’t, here we go! It’s finally sleeping with the windows open. It’s cinnamon candles. It’s visiting granny for some collard greens and fried cornbread. It’s the smell in the air that reminds us of our November wedding. It’s that to die for Pumkin Roll that we get every single year from the neighborhood Highschool fundraiser. It’s not raking up the leaves from the maple trees because I love the way they look and sound as they crunch on the ground. It’s realizing that the guy in the jersey drinking beer, is about to be the best father you could ever imagine and all he wants in life right now is for his very pregnant wife to FINALLY select some crib bedding for baby Miles so he doesn’t have to look at one more swatch! 🙂