We have a winner!

Every effort, no matter how small helps when reducing waste in order to make a positive impact on the environment.  We received all kinds of great tips for our “keeping it green” contest, from cloth diapers to community swaps to reusing containers and boxes. We love learning new ways to be eco-friendly as well as sharing these great tips. Thank you to everyone for submitting your tips on being eco-friendly while raising a family.

Congratulations to our winner…Rebecca Corona!  She has replaced many paper products in her house for cloth and reuses baby jars and boxes in many creative ways.  Rebecca will receive a 4-piece Organic Geometric crib bedding!

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Rebecca’s “keeping it green” efforts:

I think by far, the biggest impact that I’ve seen is our use of cloth napkins. (We also use cloth diapers and wipes which is a huge impact too, but I think a bit more common than cloth napkins.) Just think about those messy faces and hands in the first two years and beyond that generally need two or three or more paper napkins or paper towels to clean up. One cloth napkin per person generally lasts us 3+ meals. We wash them with our towels or baby clothes so there isn’t an additional laundry load being done. Cloth napkins come in organic fabrics, cute colors and fun prints. They decorate your table instead of cut flowers that die in a few days, not to mention the landfill/energy waste of paper napkins and the plastic they come wrapped in, and the cost savings!!!

I have children who won’t eat home-made baby food due to texture issues, so I buy organic baby food jars. And yes, we go through MANY of them! But I wash them, and use them to store my daughter’s clips, I have one by the sink to put my rings in and I donate loads of them to my daughter’s preschool for the kids to use at craft time. My husband also uses them to store his nails, and screws, etc in the garage.

Lastly, and very fun we go green by using large boxes as toys. The box our BBQ came in became a house, smaller boxes have become “Box City”. We created a Target next to a Nordstrom, a barber shop, a dry cleaner, I can’t wait to see what my daughter will make our winning boxes of bedding into!