We have a winner!

One great perk of hearing from other Moms with similar challenges are the helpful ideas, along with a little laughter reading your experiences. Our “favorite tip” contest was no exception…we really enjoyed all the entries and want to thank everyone for submitting their tips on handling the circus-like atmosphere in their home.

We could only pick one, though, so congratulations to our winner…Meagan Paullin!  She submitted the “Mommy Timer” tip and will receive a 4-piece Blue and Green Circus Toile bedding set!

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Meagan’s tip:

I use Mommy’s Timer!

To keep early mornings less hectic and on schedule, I use a timer – I set it for 15 minutes, when it goes off, play time is over and they need to get dressed. They race to do it before the next timer goes off! After that, there is a timer to get breakfast, brush teeth, one more short playtime, then to get ready for the bus. They love it, it stops the arguing, and we are never late.

I also use it for cleaning time. We set 15 minute timers, and we all run as fast as we can to see who can clean their room the MOST during that time.

Get creative, and you’ll think of a million ways to use this too! Kids love a challenge, it makes them work harder and faster without an argument, and it saves SO much time and sanity for momma.