Versatile Murals for Nursery

When we were decorating for our baby girl’s nursery, my wife and I kicked around the idea of having a mural painted in the baby’s room.  But one of our reservations was that a mural would be permanent and may not be appropriate as our child grew into a toddler.  We also got busy with other family projects and eventually dropped the mural idea.

Since the idea of “the next child” has gotten a little more positive reception in the household lately, I started casually looking into unique art for the next possible nursery-to-be.  I found that some really great art can be printed on a removable surface for a great looking design at a much lower cost (and permanence!) than painted murals.

One company I discovered that has a nice assortment of removable, printed art is  They offer a variety of murals for the home but I was especially drawn to the Focal Points ™ designs that are printed on adhesive-backed wallpaper.  The Castle Windows mural is an imaginative design for a girl nursery and the Mediterranean Villas design was another personal favorite that would look nice in any nursery.

There are also many different sizes, themes and price ranges available on their website.  I will definitely consider their art when I get ready to design the next nursery.