Trend Watch: The Most Popular Nursery Themes

If you decide to go with a theme when decorating your baby’s first room, your options are limited only by your imagination and creativity. There are hundreds if not thousands of nursery decorating themes out there. But, after overhearing a mom at the gym last week tell her friend that she and her husband decorated their baby’s nursery in the Avatar theme, I became curious which themes were the most popular (hoping that Avatar didn’t make the list).

So after conducting a bit of research, I unearthed the top 5 nursery themes over the past year. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t really even close. These themes emerged consistently as favorites among new parents. They are:

The Princess Themed Nursery

What is it about having a baby girl? It’s almost as if everything we thought we liked about design just gets tossed out the window. Maybe it’s because little girls really are little princesses and what’s the first thing that comes to mind when your doctor tells you you’re having a mini-me (besides fear that she’ll get your thighs)? Pink. Although all white and purple nurseries are popular as well.

Our options: If a Princess theme is for you, check out our incredibly popular Love Birds and Shabby Chic Chenille. Just can’t bring yourself to do pink? Try our gorgeous purple and white Lilac Damask.

The Gender Neutral Nursery

I’m definitely a find-out-what-you’re-having kinda gal as I’ve never been a fan of surprises, but it seems as if many new parents are opting to keep the gender of their baby a surprise. Also, modern nurseries tend to have a more gender-neutral feel. You can add interest to a gender-neutral nursery through colors, shapes, textures and if you want to add a pop of bright pink or blue after your little one arrives, it’s easy to do. Alphabet themes seemed to be very popular for gender-neutral nurseries.

Our options: If you decide to go gender neutral, check our best selling Sock Monkey (always a classic), or try a black and white nursery theme like Black Damask or Baby Toile Black. Black & White has become increasingly popular as you can add brightly colored accessories once the baby comes to make your nursery more feminine or masculine as needed.

The Nature Themed Nursery

No doubt about it, we are all becoming more aware of our environment and the impact we have on Mother Earth, and decorating your baby’s nursery in a nature theme is one way to celebrate our increasing respect. Greens, browns, and creams were extremely popular colors as were tree wall decals and birds.

Our options: Want every day to be Earth Day in your baby’s room? Check out our popular Sage Chirp bedding (don’t miss the amazing tree artwork) and Spa and Chocolate Gumball in gorgeous shades of browns and robin egg blue.


There’s just something so classic, calming, and aesthetically pleasing about toile. I decorated my 2nd son’s nursery in a playful baby blue toile theme so it can definitely be used in both little boy and little girl nurseries. It’s also perfect when the baby shares a room with an older child, or the guest room, and you don’t want to the room’s design to be overly “baby”.

Our options: We’ve got lots of gorgeous toile collections. My favorite: Baby Toile Horizon with the popular P. Kauffman “Central Park” Toile fabric. Here’s a Tip: Pick your favorite toile fabric and design your own collection with whatever solid colors you’d like, and don’t forget to add texture (i.e. minky).

The Jungle Themed Nursery

The jungle/safari themed nursery has been the most popular nursery theme over the past year. Who can resist cute elephants, lions, giraffes, and monkeys? Jungle themes are also very versatile and are perfect for both little boy and little girl nurseries so I expect this theme to continue to be popular for some time.

Our options: Wanna go wild?  Check out Minky Giraffe and our sophisticated Wild Safari. Or go with a slightly different version of the jungle theme (but just as wild) with Black & White Zebra or Pink & Brown Zebra.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Nautical – My go-to theme for little boys. Try Surf’s Up for a nautical theme with a modern, surfer-dude twist.
  • Animal – Extremely versatile as this theme can be dinosaurs, zoo animals, or western themed.
  • Camo – We get so many requests for Camo and will also be introducing “digital camo” in the near future.

So, there you have it…my official report on the state of nursery themes!  What’s your favorite theme?


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  1. Love your store! Beautiful theme and home deor/bedding. I just love your gender neutral themes – especially the sock monkey bedding. Too cute. We have adorable sock monkeys in our boutique. I defintely am a new follower. Beautiful bedding!

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