The First Day in the Life of your Baby’s Bedding

So, you’ve landed on and have fallen in love with THE perfect crib bedding.  The collection you’ve chosen will help create the nursery you’ve always envisioned for your baby…it’s almost like finding that perfect wedding dress (am I right?).

You pick out your items quickly, afraid that while you’re placing them in your cart, someone else in a land far away (but on will click “submit” before you do and it’s the last set we have and Poof!…your dream nursery has just become a nightmare.  Well, that might be a little dramatic but it’s happened to me on

If this sounds familar, I’ve got good news…we make everything to order.  Yep, both our designer bedding collections and the bedding that you design yourself…so you don’t need to worry about that ninja shopper in a land far away (unless you’re on

Knowing that, you can calmly load up your shopping cart, enter your shipping address and credit card number and then hit “submit”.  There.  Done.  Now what?

Well, let me take your through the first day in the life of your baby’s bedding.  When you hit that “submit” button, a team of trained carrier pigeons adorned in baby blue ribbons flies your order to our design studio just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Okay, not really.  But, your order does arrive at our Customer Service department at lightening speed.  Once we receive your order, it’s downloaded into our system and we begin the process of creating your baby’s bedding.

After some initial administrative steps, your order is sent electronically to our design studio (we’ve gone paperless…yay!).  And because we keep very little backstock, your order really is being made just for you and your baby!

Once your order arrives in our studio, our amazing team of seamstresses (the greatest gals ever) begins the process of cutting, piecing, sewing, inspecting, and packaging the items you’ve ordered. They take the utmost care in creating the highest quality products and truly sew your bedding as if they were making it for one of their own.  They also know how anxious you are to get your bedding home and to finish preparing the nursery for your new baby so they take great pride in being able to get your order produced and shipped typically within 2-3 business days!

Now back to our wonderful Customer Service department who oversees your order from start to finish.  Not only do they keep a close watch on your order, they are also available during regular office hours to answer any questions or to make changes to your order.  Yes, a real, live person will answer the phone and I promise they’ll have first-hand knowledge of your order and be able to take care of any issues that may arise!

Once your bedding has been made, Customer Service makes one final check to ensure that your order is perfect and ready to be sent.  Your carefully packaged bedding is prepared for shipment and picked up by our favorite UPS guy (or gal when he’s on vacation) who tracks your package until it arrives safely at your door.

And now you get to check off one more thing from your list of things to do before the baby arrives.



~The Carousel Designs Team