Shower Ideas for a Second-Time Mom

Your best friend is having another baby, and you’d like to do something special for her and host a shower. Or, you sister offered to host a shower for your second baby. But what is the proper etiquette for baby showers for subsequent babies?

Traditional baby showers, with all the corny games and cute diaper cakes, may be great for first time moms-to-be, but for those who already have had their first baby, the traditional shower may not be what she needs (or wants) most. Fortunately, some creative people out there have thought up some alternatives. Here are a few ideas for you to consider:

  • Sip and See. A “Sip and See” is a casual type of baby shower that’s held after the baby arrives.  Friends and family are invited to come over for a few hours to meet the baby (see) and enjoy light food & drinks (sip).  Typically a southern trend, these showers are taking place all across the country. Gifts are optional. Pros: The new mom can show off the baby to all her closest friends in one fell swoop. Cons: The idea of throwing a party right after you give birth might be a little daunting.
  • Safety Shower. This is great for a mom who has toddlers. Have shower guests sign up for a set of specific items to bring as a gift, such as cabinet locks, outlet covers, window alarms, etc. Invite the husbands and have the handy ones install everything under the instruction of the parents-to-be. Order a pizza and you’ve got a casual, and productive party (with a twist)!
  • Cleaning and Meal Prep Shower. Stock the expecting parents’ freezer with homemade meals. Then, let them relax or go to dinner while you clean their house from top to bottom. Having a clean house and knowing there are some prepared meals in the fridge can relieve a lot of stress for a pregnant woman just before delivery.
  • BBQ and Supplies Shower. Again, a casual/low stress party that’s also tremendously helpful for a mom-to-be.  Since a second-time mom might be all set on the bigger ticket items, have guests bring basics such as diapers, lotions, baby shampoos, and more. Browse the baby aisles at Target and it’s easy to come up with categories for such essentials.

A baby shower is a great reason to gather friends together in celebration. Hopefully these ideas might help those who are planning a baby shower for a second-time mom.  Regardless of whether or not you have a “shower,” there are many nice things to do for a new mom, whether this is her first or fifth baby. Let us know your creative ideas, or tell us about an interesting alternative shower that you’ve attended.