Sheets for Day Care Cribs? Yep…we’ve got ’em!

For working mothers, going back to work after having a baby can be challenging, both emotionally and logistically.

But sometimes, just being prepared for a new situation can make a big difference in the quality of the experience.

If you feel confident that you’ve provided everything you can to make your baby’s daycare experience a happy and successful one, you’ll be able to focus and ensure a happy and successful back-to-work experience!

How can we help?

Sheets…daycare sheets.

Did you know that most daycare centers use mini-cribs? Sometimes referred to as port-a-cribs, these shrunken versions of the real thing are cute as a button and real space savers. In fact, they’re gaining popularity in urban areas where space is at a premium, like NYC.  (See previous blog post here)

And did you know that we sell mini-crib versions of our 100+ baby bedding collections?  That’s right.  You can get mini-crib bedding to coordinate with any of our designer bedding collections, and that means crib sheets as well!

So if your bundle of joy has become a bit attached to the sweet little birds in her Love Birds Crib Bedding, why not send them with her to daycare?  We have sheets for daycare in organic cotton, blissfully soft minky, sophisticated toile, and über cool camouflage.

So just because they can’t take their beautifully decorated nursery with them to daycare, doesn’t mean your baby has to completely lose her sense of style!

It’s a great way to give your little one a little bit of home when he’s not at home…something familiar for his daytime adventure…and make daycare just a little bit sweeter!