Our Nursery Designer Gets an Upgrade!

Like you, we’ve had a busy few months.  After over a year in development, we’re finally launching Version 3 of our popular interactive tool, the Nursery Designer®!

We’re so excited to be able to offer our customers the option of designing their own baby bedding…right from the comfort of their own home (or nursery)!

Our Nursery Designer is truly a unique and innovative tool that delivers on our promise to make sure every new and expectant mom gets EXACTLY what she wants!

No other baby bedding company offers the flexibility or customization options.

Here are just a few ways you can use the Nursery Designer:

  • Browse our 300+ available fabrics (which include 10 solid and 3 print organic fabrics) and design your crib bedding around your favorites.  The Nursery Designer will automatically load coordinating fabrics – taking the guesswork out of mixing and matching.
  • Design your baby’s bedding to coordinate perfectly with a focal point that you already own (i.e., a piece of artwork, your grandma’s heirloom quilt, or that “funky” rocking chair your mother-in-law surprised you with at your baby shower).
  • Not feeling up to deciding among hundreds of fabrics and design combinations?  Instead, start with a pre-designed set on our ‘Inspirations and Ideas’ page and make a few changes that suit your style.  Load the collection into our Nursery Designer and make that crib bedding collection perfect for you.  Then tell your friends you designed the set from scratch, and they’ll instantly be jealous of your sense of style.

The Nursery Designer is all about flexibility.  With additional cutting patterns, we give you more options, like ruffles on our custom bumpers.  Want to try something different than our standard 24 panel bumper?  Try the optional 16 panel bumper instead, along with additional floor and crib finishes.  Finally, add the backdrop of real Benjamin Moore® colors so your virtual nursery will be an even more accurate depiction of the real thing.

We think you’ll enjoy experimenting with all the options the Nursery Designer will offer you.  In fact, we’d love to see what you dream up.  Soon we’ll be announcing the details of another DYOBB (Design your Own Baby Bedding) contest.  Stay tuned for our new contest and the chance to enter your own design for a prize to be announced.

And don’t forget to share your designs with your family and friends…it’s a great way to include your loved ones in preparing a special nursery for your special little person.