Nursery Décor Case Study: HomeGoods

Earlier this week, I was on my way to REI for a 30% off Keens sale for my boys when I turned the corner into the parking lot and was stopped dead in my tracks.

To my astonishment, a brand new HomeGoods stood right before me…taunting me….beckoning me inside.

I knew a HomeGoods was slated for this space but I had no idea it was up and running.  The timing was no coincidence (I told myself), so I decided to take a minor detour (not without some pushback from two boys wearing shoes with holes) and hoped that the money I’d earmarked for brand new Keens didn’t meet a tragic fate (for the Keens, not for me).

And I wasn’t disappointed.  HomeGoods is an amazing resource for, well, home goods and accessories.  The best part – their prices are so affordable it allows for seasonal updates to your home decor without breaking the bank.

And for those of you decorating a nursery, this store is a must see.  I hope you have one in your area.  If not, it’s worth making a special trip to visit one when you’re in a city that does.

Here are a few items I saw that would make excellent accessories to complete your baby’s nursery.

  • The classic piggy bank.  They had these in all colors and for $7.99, you can set up your little one for financial success early!

  • Oh, and this little jewelry box is exactly the thing that makes me yearn for a little girl.  And until she starts collected the bling, you can use it on her changing table to hide Q-tips, lotions and that ugly suck-out-the-buggies thing.

  • But the boys can’t be outdone by the girls.  Check out this $25 adorable stool for the little guys.

  • Did I say stools?  I almost freaked out when I saw these stools for only $14.99.  They had many more to choose from, including stools with tractors and airplanes.

  • Inexpensive artwork is definitely one of HomeGoods strengths.  These canvases started at $9.99!

  • Need to organize the nursery?  (Or any other room for that matter)  These colorful storage containers scream to be placed in a kid’s room.

  • But make sure you venture out into their more “adult” home decor.  I found some great items that would be perfect for a nursery.  Like this old timey car.  So cute!

  • And this sailboat!  I’m a big fan of the nautical theme for little boy nurseries.  And check out the price tag…$24.99!

  • And who can resist this little red wagon.  Awww….


  • I definitely got hung up in the lighting department.  There were so many cute lamps.  I can totally see this one in an all white nursery.  So fresh!

So I guess our little detour wasn’t terrible for my barefoot boys.  They got their Keens…as well as this fat, furry, thing with a horn for a nose.