Must-Have for Baby Travel Gear

Since we have family in different parts of the country, traveling is a must for us, so I am always looking for products that might make the trip, or being away from home, a little easier.  And I have to say the Go-Pod (pictured) was the number one product this summer for our vacations to see family and introduce our new little one.  This portable, lightweight activity seat folds up easily – a must when packing up the family roadster – but it is so convenient, I use it every day around the house as well. You can read all about it here, but I want to know, what was your must-have product for travel this summer, for your babies or young children?


2 thoughts on “Must-Have for Baby Travel Gear

  1. This summer my #1 baby purchase has definitely been the JJ Cole Blanket ( It folds right up to a small size with a carry on strap, its vinyl but comfortable and totally cleans right up. We have used it at the beach, the park, the zoo, in a family members backyard, our own deck, anywhere! Its the best $30 I spent this supper!

  2. Seriously, as basic as it sounds, our must have product for traveling this summer with our kids has been the Munchkin Snack Catcher for their cheerios and gold fish in the car. It cuts down on the mess and keeps them happy and quiet, which in turn made us happy too!

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