Mom’s the Word!

You just found out that you’re pregnant – Congratulations! While this discovery is exciting itself, now you can surprise your friends and family with the good news. Do you have a cute story about how you did this? Did you leave a bottle of prenatal vitamins on the kitchen counter for all to see?

Here are a few example of how some expectant moms announced the news:

I thought I was pregnant.  So I purchased a pregnancy test at Publix and took the test in the supermarket bathroom. It was positive! I didn’t wait to tell my husband.  I called him while he was at work and told him that the test was positive but I would take another test when I got home from work.  So I made him wait anxiously for the rest of the work day. It was confirmed when I got home – positive. – Cindy

My husband and I were married for only one month, and I called my mother because I was upset that I wasn’t pregnant yet. Well I had to call her back just a few days after that because I was pregnant at the end of the month! Now I have four children, and it didn’t take me long to realize that one month was not a long time to wait. – Elaine

My parents were celebrating their wedding anniversary, so I placed a copy of the sonogram photo in their anniversary card. – Lisa

I found out I was pregnant the night before Father’s Day, so I told my parents the news by purchasing a Father’s Day card that said, “ Happy Father’s Day, Grandpa!” My parents didn’t get it at first, but after reading the card about three times, they finally caught on. – Amanda

When I found out that I was pregnant, it was the best feeling in the world! The first thing we did was call our moms and dads, and then we surprised everyone else at the family Christmas Eve party. – Alison

Please share with us how you broke the news to your family and friends, or share your cute story of how you found out you were pregnant.