Moms are the Best!

Me and my mama (I'm the bald one - I had no hair until I was two - embarrassing!). My big sis' slipped into the corner of the picture, too.

The joys of being a mom are plentiful. From the first kicks in the belly, to the first time your eyes meet, the first steps, and the first time your sweet one says, “No!”

Moms sacrifice quite a bit when it comes to their kids. This applies to aspects of everyday life. Choosing the minivan over the cute and zippy, red two-seater (I happen to like minivans – so much room), driving to the weekly dance lesson and soccer practice, and yielding to the ever popular cartoon for 3 and under instead of watching your favorite sitcom.

Yeah, moms give up a lot. In the big picture, there are too many sacrifices to spell out in a short post. At the same time, most mommies will tell you they wouldn’t have it any other way. Who better to make sacrifices for than your sweet bundles of joy?

I feel like I have the best momma in the world, although I know that many of us feel that way. She always loved to cook, and we loved to eat. She was a cuddler, which is why I turned out to be one too. Her soft-spoken manner and fun little projects she enjoyed with us are just a sampling of her sweetness and love.

It takes us a long time to realize just how much our moms loved us and provided for us. You don’t usually enjoy the “time-outs” in your room or the “You’re grounded!” phrase, but as you get older you understand that those things are out of love, too.

Now that we’re older and my mom has grandchildren, it’s fun to see her love for a child from an adult’s perspective. I’m glad we have each other and hope I can grow up to be just like her.

You think your mom is the best mom in the world? Are you trying to follow in her footsteps? Please share with us.