Mommy’s Top Five

Walk into any store selling baby items and you’ll see the vast array of eye-catching products and gadgets to help you care for your baby. Sometimes we can be influenced by the thrill of shopping and the excitement of the baby on the way.

It can be overwhelming to weave through the aisles and pick out items that you’ll really use. If you’re shopping online, it can be even more daunting to pin-point the best buys. Of course, there are necessities: bottles, a  car seat, diapers, and a crib, but what about the other “must have” items that you don’t want to miss out on?

I questioned a few mommies who have infants to find out what products they couldn’t do without.

Woombie – As the name suggests, this cozy covering provides the feeling of being back in the womb. While it’s snug enough to swaddle your baby, it’s not restricting. One of the mommies commented on how much this helped her baby girl stay asleep, which helped keep mommy sane.

Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra – Okay, I know this one looks funny, but the moms raved about this one! If you will be breastfeeding at all, you’ll want to have this hands-free pumping bra. Joanna, one of the moms I spoke with, said, “It was SO worth it to be able to hold a book or eat a meal, or just relax, with both hands free while pumping.”

Bumbo – The Bumbo is so helpful.  It’s a baby seat  designed to “seat young babies who can’t sit up by themselves.” So if your infant is not old enough to sit up in a traditional high chair, you may really enjoy this. I’ve seen it in action, and with the tray attached, it made feeding time so much easier. Additional products are available from Bumbo like the cool mobile!

Lamaze Toys – This one was actually provided by one of the dads I talked to! Lamaze offers baby toys from ages 0 -24 months. You’ll enjoy playing with them even though you’re out of that age group. They offer such a wide range of choices, from soft and hardcover books to musical toys and activity gyms. These really help to keep baby entertained.  Super cute!

Baby Bullet – This little guy is not only practical, it’s absolutely adorable. What moms like the most about this product is that you can make your own baby food, and then store it in the cutesy containers that accompany the mini blender. Already have a blender for making baby food? You can purchase the little containers separately – they have little smiley faces on them!

All of the moms I talked to wished that they were told about these before their babies were born. Hopefully these will help you with your new bundle of joy!

What did we miss? I know that there are a lot of other great finds out there. Please share your favorites with us!