Keeping it Green

Because Carousel Designs is THE Baby Bedding Company®, it’s important for us to be able to offer our customers the widest selection of fabrics and crib bedding styles.

And to make sure that’s the case, our design team has been busy adding to our organic baby bedding collections!

What is “Organic”?

For something to be certified “organic”, the method by which it’s grown and processed must be free of chemicals, pesticides, radiation, or other artificial intervention.

Organic farming techniques allow natural soil replenishment, without the chemical saturation that depletes the natural nutrients that plants and grazing animals need to live.

Likewise, fibers for certified organic bedding and clothing must also be processed naturally, without chemical washes, additives or treatments.

The fabrics we use on our organic crib bedding collections are made from certified 100% organically grown cotton and are treated using low impact dyes.

What are low-impact dyes?

Low-impact dyes are synthetic with a higher than average absorption rate. This means that less water is required in the rinse process, resulting in less dye run-off and a lower impact on the environment. Additionally, low-impact dyes typically do not contain heavy metals (like chrome, copper and zinc) and the dye and rinse water are often recycled.

And even though they are made from synthetic materials, low-impact dyes are generally considered eco-friendly and often preferable to natural dyes because of their lower absorption rate.

Because organic fabrics are grown and processed without chemical compounds, some believe that there is a reduced possibility of skin irritation and chemical residue than with non-organic fabrics. Though many believe that the primary benefit of using organic fabrics is their lower impact on the environment.

So whether you choose fabrics grown and processed traditionally or organically, the choice is yours. It’s important for us to be able to provide you with a wide selection of beautiful crib bedding options either way.

Currently we offer 10 solid organic colors. You can purchase full crib bedding sets in these colors or mix and match. You can also design your own baby bedding using our organic solid colors with our interactive tool, the Nursery Designer®.

Take a sneak peak at our newest organic print collections, including Organic Geometric (pictured above), Lime Scroll and Aqua Scroll.   Three modern sets all made with 100% Certified Organic cotton fabrics colored with low-impact dyes.

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