I Love You, Baby

I love you! Aren’t those wonderful words to hear?  You feel so important especially if those words are backed up with actions. That doesn’t always mean gifts. Although gifts are nice, there are many other things that can be done to put meaning behind those words I love you.

Think about your baby – what do they do to show that they love you? Certainly it’s not buying you some roses and a box of chocolates even though that would be impressive. No, the love of a baby is something so precious, so tender, that it can be called priceless.

We may think there aren’t many ways that a baby shows love, but there are actually several. I found a few online articles that detail the many expressions of baby love.

Warning – If you don’t have a baby yet, you’ll want one after reading these!

BabyCenter – In the online article 7 signs your baby loves you, it shares with us the tender feeling that a baby express through staring into your eyes, giving you a big sweet smile, and crying for attention. That actually sounds a lot like how I express myself! Don’t think of it as immaturity, think of it as innocence. Okay – I know the crying should only work for babies and toddlers.

Parenting.com – Similar to the BabyCenter article, How Babies Show Their Love, shares the genuine love babies show. It highlights different ages from 0 -12 months and shows that with each month the love grows stronger and stronger. One of my favorites was 7 MONTHS: Raises his arms to be held. Once he has the motor skills to grab for his favorite toys, he’ll start grabbing for you, too. How sweet is that? I told you, you’re going to want a baby.

Attachment ParentingBonding with Your Newborn, written by William Sears, MD., gets a bit more technical. It shares a little bit more of how mom and dad show their love to the new baby.
“Bonding allows you to transfer your life-giving love for the infant inside to caregiving love on the outside. Inside, you gave your blood; outside, you give your milk, eyes, hands, and voice–your entire self.” Dr. Sears article really shows the importance of bonding with your baby, and he provides 7 Tips For Better Bonding – it’s so, so sweet.

Return your babies love with some sweet hugs and kisses or swaddle them in a soft baby blanket like the one in our Love Birds collection. What does your little baby do that melts your heart? Share your sweet story with us.