How to Make Sure Your Nursery is Functional (as well as Beautiful)

On numerous occasions, I’ve found the perfect pair of shoes to match a dress, only to discover I couldn’t walk in them.  Or a great purse has caught my eye, only to learn it is a black hole for my cell phone or keys.  They look great, but they aren’t very practical.

You have worked hard to create a beautiful nursery…the perfect bedding, paint, matching whimsical furniture and have several weeks left before your due date.  What is left?  Now you need to make sure your nursery is ready for action.

Here are a few tips I’ve found that will make your nursery the most user friendly room in your house:

  • Baskets for storage.  Baskets are cute and functional, especially for those things you will reach for many times a day (ie diapers, wipes, bibs, socks, etc).  The Four Cubby Storage Unit from Carousel Designs is perfect for baskets to hold the essentials.  My 3 year old can even grab socks or a burp cloth I might need when she can see them.
  • A home for everything.  People will want to help.  A neighbor, your husband, your family, a sitter will all want to give you a break and it’s useful to know where things are so you can explain it to them (or have a note ready) and take a quick nap or shower.  You will also be sleep deprived…and I don’t know about you, but for me, organization does wonders for my sleep-deprived brain. I find managing kids is so much easier when I know where everything (should) be at all times.  I can even navigate a room in the dark if I have to!
  • A table next to the rocking chair or glider.  You want to have both your hands to pick up the baby…so this table is essential for a glass of water or bottle when you sit down to rock or nurse.
  • Closet organized by size.  You will be surprised how fast your newborn outgrows clothes.  I look at the onesies we brought our daughter home in and they barely look worn.  I found it helpful to organize the clothes according to size.  When a group of clothes start getting small for your little one, have a bin to put them away in, that way you can move to the next size easily.
  • A bin for keepsakes in the closet.  The last month waiting for a baby, the time ticks by so slowly it might be hard to imagine how chaotic and fast life moves once you bring your little one home.  You may not be able to scrapbook anything the first few months of your baby’s life, but you don’t want to lose the precious memorabilia.  If you have a bin for those things in the closet, you can collect the items and organize later.  I personally loved looking at all the things I collected…it helped me remember those first precious moments.

Of course you will make adjustments to your nursery once you find out what is most convenient for you, but I found these tips helpful and was able to implement most of them before bringing the baby home.

It helped me while I nervously awaited my daughter’s birth…wanting to make her transition into this world as easy as possible.

Have you received or tried any good organizational tips for your nursery?  Please share any helpful comments!