Hip Floral Baby Bedding for Girl Nursery

We’re happy to introduce yet another stellar collection of fun and funky baby bedding to our repitoire.  Our new Hip Floral baby bedding collection was previously a retail store exclusive.  Now we are offering it on our website.

The Hip Floral collection combines a taste of retro and two shakes of hip.  The black, brown, blue and lime green floral patterns contrast with a white background to create a whimsical tone for any girl nursery.  The four piece crib set comes with a solid citron sheet but solid black minky and key lime minky sheets match perfectly as well.  The matching black deck crib skirt creates a cool, contrasting accent with a black and white striped design that will catch the eye of baby as well as parents.

The Hip Floral comforter is made to be as fun as it is long-lasting.  Perfect as a tummy-time blanket for infants or a great way to stay cozy for a toddler, the Hip Floral comforter features whimsical flowers on one side and high contrast black and white stripes on the other.  As with all of our collections, we offer a full set of matching nursery decor including drapes, decorative pillows and diaper stackers.  All items can be purchased individually.


4 thoughts on “Hip Floral Baby Bedding for Girl Nursery

  1. That's very beautiful.

    I also heard that greatly contrasting colors like black and white and solid lines like the one in your design helps the baby develop better eye sight.

    Do you know if that's true?

  2. I absolutely love the hip floral design – I wish I had a nursery to set it up in (I almost wish it came in adult sizes). Too cute to not love! Love your site, will probably be spending the rest of my lunch break exploring!

  3. Thanks C.C. – that is true about the black and white contrast. Babies really like high contrast colors and shades as everything starts out a bit blurry for them in their first few weeks. We're actually launching a new line of black and white crib bedding and I'll be posting about that soon.

  4. Thanks jnord – glad you like it! I enjoyed spending some time over at trendytogs too. Lot's of cute clothes over there. The Hip Floral set is one of the three new collections that came from our retail exclusive line-up. I'll be posting about the others soon. I hope you come back and check them out!

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