“Hey! What’s the Big Idea?!”

Have you seen a great show with your little ones that you really enjoyed?  This past weekend, we took our kids and nephews to the Imagination Movers “In a Big Warehouse” concert and were blown away.  I first heard of this band on Playhouse Disney, where they have a half hour fun-filled preschool series. Rich Collins, Scott Durbin, Dave Poche, and Scott “Smitty” Smith are creative handymen who can’t wait to solve the “idea emergencies” that trouble themselves and their friends.  Well it turns out, these guys are a real band from New Orleans that can really put on a concert!

The band members are longtime friends and neighbors, and it shows.  The roots of the band got its humble start from jam sessions after their kids’ bedtimes, evolving into its current form as a rock band with a hit children’s television show. During the concert, you really felt like you were hanging out with friends (talented friends) as they did their best to include the audience with their energy on stage and even as they roamed through the rows and aisles during the show.

The Movers songs are educational and fun for the kids, but also reveal a far-reaching musical sensibility, from hip-hop to country, with musical influences including everything from REM to U2. They inspire children’s imaginations with their catchy motto:  “Reach high, think big, work hard, have fun!” And if watching your kids sing, dance, and interact with the performers on stage is not entertainment enough, their toe tapping tunes make it impossible for parents not to enjoy. It was the first concert I attended where the band transitioned from a song about a Mouse and cheese to “Rock and Roll All Night” by Kiss.  Now that’s range!

Their high energy, expressive performance won me over, as it did the little ones with us, and even my husband who passed up a round of golf for the event.  It was a great concert enjoyed by all.  Tell us about your favorite live kids show, or one that you’d like to see… be it Thomas the Train, Dora, Fergie, the Wiggles, or even a local performer.

PS – One of the more touching moments of the concert was when Dave, the base player, announced that he was missing his daughter’s birthday due to the concert, then proceeded to ask the audience to sing her happy birthday while he video recorded with his phone.  Very touching.



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  1. This looks like a lot of fun! I'll have to take my little one to check them out if they ever roll through my town.

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