Got a Wall Decorating Dilemma? Me too…

I’ve got several walls in my home that are killing me.  Not literally…though that DOES sound like a good horror story and Halloween IS just around the corner.

No, they’re just stumping me….I have no idea what to do with them!  One is a terribly long and dark hallway upstairs with no windows of its own.  And the other is a huge wall in my little boy’s nursery that appears to be slowly, but surely, consuming the two cute little pictures I recently placed in the center.

Both have their own issues and both are driving me crazy.

So I typed “I hate my walls” into my Google search box hoping to glean a little insight into what I should do with my problem walls.  That search, of course, didn’t really serve up any useful information (except for the fact that there’s a website called if anybody out there ever needs a space to rant about how your mother-in-law likes to rearrange your furniture when she visits).

After a little more research, I actually came across some really cool blogs about how others have dealt with their “wall issues”.

There’s this account of how a very creative woman dealt with a long hallway by basically painting her own wallpaper!  Yep…with a really thick magic marker!  This is a picture of her hallway to the right.  How cool does that look?!?

Definitely check her post out as she provides additional photos of her hallway and other cool graphic inspirations if you think do-it-yourself wallpaper is for you.

Then, of course, the solution for a massive wall with nothing on it and too big for regular-sized pictures hit me – Wall Decals!

Take a look at these adorable wall decals from Smiley Walls Art Studio’s Etsy shop.  They’re perfect for a nursery or kid’s room and solve the “huge wall” dilemma by providing a something visually interesting that’s (in my opinion) not overdone.  Dali Decals also has some really cute ones (especially for boys).

And the great thing about most wall decals is that they’re removable so if you’re renting or don’t want to make a long-term commitment…they’re perfect.  And I like that they’re sort of the modern version of wall murals, which were fine but now seem a bit outdated to me.

Do you have any cool, out-of-the-box, wall decorating solutions?  We’d love to hear them!