Featured Bedding Collection: Pink and Taupe Damask

We recently got back from a family vacation where all eight grandchildren played and co-existed for seven fun-filled days.  My oldest daughter, who is now four, fit right in with her cousins.  And what’s a little unusual about this is that she is the only granddaughter on my parent’s side, among five boys (not counting the new babies).  She is what I like to describe as girly, but grounded.

She loves pink and doing girly things like spinning, drawing butterflies, and wearing dresses, but she was right out there in the ocean – bobbing up and down in the waves with her boy cousins, playing with cars, and racing on the beach.  My little feminine princess can hang up her ballerina slippers when she wants to.

This month’s featured bedding collection, Pink and Taupe Damask, isn’t 100 percent frills either. With soft and subtle shades of pink and taupe, it can appeal to your grounded (or sophisticated) side. Yet with the added touch of ruffles, minky, and satin, it is sure to appeal to your feminine side.  Fit for a princess … or a novelist … or both!

And now the fun part … our CONTEST.

How to Enter

Tell us what dreams you have for your daughter or daughter-to-be. Do you imagine your baby girl as a ballerina, seldom seen without her tutu?  Or do you imagine her as a bookworm, citing statistical information to whoever will listen? I personally hope my daughters will have everything they ever want, without feeling they must have it all.  Oh, and I hope they play tennis so I have someone to play with! But we want to hear from you.

Your entry can be funny or inspirational.  We’ll pick our favorite and the grand prize will be, of course, a 4-piece Pink and Taupe Damask crib bedding set!  We think your little princess (or scholar) will love it!

Important: You must leave your comment on our blog to be eligible to win! The deadline to enter is Sunday, July 17, 2011 (midnight EDT). Good luck!


20 thoughts on “Featured Bedding Collection: Pink and Taupe Damask

  1. I think my only dream for my future daughter is for her to be happy and be able to pursue what ever dreams her heart desires.

  2. My dream for my daughter is for her to pursue whatever makes her most happy in life – whether that be a scientist, a librarian, a doctor or a teacher. I do hope that she finds her "calling" in life and that the profession that she chooses is a good-paying profession and one that she loves going to work everyday to do!

  3. I wonder everyday as she grows in my belly what kind of person my daughter will become. I imagine she will be creative like her mama and strong willed like her daddy, if she is neither that's ok, I pray she is everything she wants to be and she knows she can go after whatever goals she sets for herself. I want her to be what she wants to be not who I want her to be.

  4. My Prayers, Wishes, & Dreams for both of my Daughter's is to follow God's word, and to make their path in society as responsable, caring, independant Women. For them to Love themselves for who they are and to be Happy in whatever they pursue. To follow the beat of their own drum the way God directs them.

  5. My dream for my daughter is that she learn early to dream realistically. I believed in fairytales, and I got my heart broke in a way I never imagined possible. I don't want my daughter to be chasing her prince charming (as I know now, he will come when she least expects to be swept off her feet). I want my daughter to focus on being an admirable and educated woman. I want her to focus on finding out who she is and what she wants to spend the rest of her life doing. Growing up, I couldn't see beyond Friday night. Now as a grown woman, I look back and realize I am just now figuring out what I want to do with the rest of my life. This year, I learned to chase my dreams- and to do it for myself. I learned to do what I love- and do it for myself. I want my daughter to have everything she's ever wanted, for all the right reasons. I want her to be the happy, inspirational, and encouraging woman that everybody loves. My dream is that my daughter never stop dreaming, but always remember what's truly important to her.

  6. My daughter is only 4 weeks old, and i pray everyday that God gives her the strength to be a strong christian when she gets older, and be a witness to many that dont know God. I raise my baby in the church and have since she was in my belly, to the time she was born her first Sunday was spent in church. So i guess what i am getting to is that my dreams for her is to live life for God, pray about everything, and do Gods will.

  7. My dream for my daughter would be that she has my brains and her daddy's talent. If she has one from each of us she will go far! Daddy has all the talent and no "brains" and mommy has all the "brains" but no talent ! I can imagine her daddy putting her in old punk rock band onesies while I put her in girly tutus. She will have daddy wrapped around her finger. When it comes to her big brothers she will run the show and make them deal with it. I want her to become whatever she wants when she grows up, we will support her 100%.

  8. Upon receiving the news that we were expecting, my mother started to cry. I have often wondered in amazement the joy that one can feel at the news of new life. I was watching the news that night pondering the immorality, selfishness, and depravity of the today’s society, when I realized why my mother cried, it is because of hope. It is my prayer that God grants me the grace of selfless love to raise my daughter into what she will become. She will be, along with all the sons and daughters raised with love: a smart, caring, confident, morally just and merciful servant to the world. My hope and dream is that with love my daughter, along with all our children, will remake society into something greater then the present.

  9. My little girl is due December 5th. I will be honest here… due to a lot of medical problems I never thought I would have a daughter. In fact, I never thought that I would have kids period. So, when my husband and I found out in March that we are expecting we were terrified that something would go wrong especially since we have been trying to get pregnant for 10 years. So, I just hope my daughter always knows how many tears we have cried for her and the difficult road that we have walked to get here. But most of all I want her to know that her Mommy and Daddy are always here and would do anything in the world for her. I can already envision her being Daddy's little fishing buddy and Mommy's little sous chef.

  10. MY DREAM FOR MY ONLY DAUGHTER IS … that she will be an amazing woman in her own right . It will be great if she was a doctor or a chem. but what I really mean by being amazing is to be a good mother to her children, a good wife . Now days woman can be anything but while she is busy being a doctor or a chemist that she will have time to be mother to her children to teach them to love them and to show them the way . Maybe it sounds a little old fashion but it has a modern twist. She willl be educated I hope she will be well rounded human , and care for the world , make a difference and care for the children of the world . The children that don't have anyone to love them .

  11. My dream for my daughter is that she becomes a Leader with a healthy sense of self and that she often takes the road less traveled. I want her to put passion in everything she does and to know as a woman she has the power to nurture and help others. I want her to know that beauty comes from within and that it can be seen in everyone and that happiness is a choice and that no matter what obstacles come her way, she will have the strength to prevail. And at the end of the day when she is in her bed looking out of her window, she will be able to say, "I made a difference".

  12. My dreams for my daughter are that she would live up to the legacies of her heritage; both sides have lines of strong and independent women, yet full of grace and love. My grandmother ventured out west with her family on a chuckwagon before settling into NM. She had a fire in her spirit- even changing her name from Mildred to Polly, her beloved horse. She never did what she was the mold, yet believed in herself and followed her heart. My husband's grandmother lived in a poor, rural Mississippi town. She worked up to three jobs to provide for her six children. And she never once complained. She was a strong woman, full of drive, yet her family remembers her contagious laughter and grace filled spirit. One thing that resonates on both sides of her heritage is that all the women were strong and courageous, leaving their own individual mark on society and, more importantly, their families. My hope for little Emerson is that her daughter could say the same about her, and myself, in 100 years. That we were honest, loving, God-fearing women who were true to ourselves, and made the world a better place because we were alive.

  13. My hopes, wishes, and DREAMS for my little Emma, is for her to find happiness in everything in life. I want her to see the happiness in the little things. I also want her to be happy and satisfied in her own skin. I grew up as "the fat kid" and missed out on a lot of things in life because I was afraid of what everyone would think. But I also missed out on a lot because of what I thought about myself. I dont want Emma to be disgusted with herself. I want her to love her chubby cheeks or wavy hair. I want her to be happy with being tall or short, thin or heavy, cool or geeky 🙂
    Emma is my everything and I want her to know it and feel it. She is going to be a beautiful girl with a beautiful spirit and I dont want anyone to bring her down. I dream that she lives a fulfilling and HAPPY life.

  14. My daughter is 4 months old now and my wish for her is to live a full happy life! I want her to always follow her dreams no matter what anyone else thinks. I want her to find herself and stick to her morals. I want her to find a wonderful person to share her life with, someone who makes her very happy and puts her on a pedistool. As long as she is happy and successful in whatever she wants to do, as a mother that is all i can ask for!

  15. My dream for our daughter, Addison, due on September 27th, is for her to follow her dreams. I hpoe that she finds something she truly loves and pursues it without hesitation. Whether that be dancing like her mom, acting like her dad, or something totally unexpected, I hope she finds something that makes her happy. We will support her the whole way through.

  16. My wish is going to be short and not long winded, Happy!

  17. My precious daughter, Kiera, just turned 15 months. Gosh, does time fly? My dreams for my daughter are success and complete happiness. I plan to finish school in the near future to be able to provide the balance if she chooses to be an artist or say musician. I see my daughter as a strong minded individual, passionate for life. I hope that she will take everything that my hubby and I will teach her well, and approach life's stuggles with optimistic caution.

  18. I want my daughter to be happy and successful at whatever she puts her heart into.

  19. My dream for my daughter-to-be is that she is a strong person but with an open heart. I dream that she always knows that she is loved. I dream that she always has what she needs but knows how to work for the things that she wants. I also dream that she be loving and understanding of others and have compassion. But most of all I dream she knows and always loves the Lord our savior and knows that she is a daughter of God who He loves!

  20. The dream I have for my baby girl would be for her to always have that sparkle in her eyes that says she knows she is loved without any words said at all. That she explore life with the same curiosity, excitement, and determination that she is showing already at only 3 months of age. I dream that she will always know the love of others, that she will always give love to others, and that she will always know her way home to the love of her family. Most of all, I dream that my little princess will always be healthy in her heart, body, and mind, and that she will commit her life and soul to the Lord Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father.

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