Featured Bedding Collection: Organic Geometric

Going green with little ones is not always easy, try hard as you may.  Although I make choices in our home daily that will help our environment, with three kids, we fill our trash bin to capacity each week.  Even though we also fill our recycle bin each week, I always feel like we could do more.

This month, we have a featured collection that may just help on this front. Our Organic Geometric crib bedding collection features 100% Certified Organic cotton fabrics colored with low-impact dyes.  For something to be certified “organic” it must meet a set of standards, which you can read more about in our previous blog “Keeping it Green.”

You won’t have to sacrifice style with this organic print collection.  The Steel Gray and Lime geometric design is also the perfect gender-neutral option for your nursery. Not only will you enjoy the modern design of this bedding collection for many years, you will be helping to maintain our natural resources.

In honor of our featured collection, we are running a contest to hopefully spread the word on things we can do to help the environment.  As tough as it is with small kids – many messes, growing out of clothes weekly, etc – let’s hear your tip on how to cut down on waste.  However small, we would love to hear your unique idea.

We’ll pick our favorite and the grand prize will be, of course, a 4-piece Organic Geometric crib bedding set!  We think your little environmentalist will love it!  And we will love spreading your ways to be eco-friendly while raising a family.

Important: You must leave your comment on our blog to be eligible to win! The deadline to enter is Sunday, August 21, 2011 (midnight EDT). Good luck!



22 thoughts on “Featured Bedding Collection: Organic Geometric

  1. I love the bedding. It is so cute! And I love that it is organic. This would be awesome to win!

  2. We try very hard to be “green“ with our little one. Our biggest decision was to do cloth diapers which we feel helps reduce waste in our land fills. We also do clothes swaps with other parents to save on buying new onesies every 3 months.

  3. Hi Nicole – glad you like the bedding! To enter, just leave your tip on reducing waste here. Good luck!

  4. I am pregnant with my first and Decided to Cloth Diaper as well as reuse alot of Larger items the baby will need (as long as they meet safety guidelines)

  5. I love this! I am pregnant with my 2nd and we are so excited!

  6. Right now it's just the 2.5 of us, and our biggest waste is produce (which I try to buy locally, to cut down on travel pollution). To make sure we eat it all, I don't hide it in the bins – I make sure it's front and center in the fridge. Keep it green – in so many ways!

  7. Something that my kids like is to make art or re-purpose different objects. This teaches them that we can re-use a milk gallon as a new bird feeder, that a jar from spaghetti sauce can now become a jar to hold our paint brushes. Later today we are taking long sheets of paper (that came as packing material in a box that was shipped to us from Amazon), and coloring on them and tracing their feet, hands, etc. This not only teaches my children about re-using, and learning about how to do that specific project, but it also makes my kids look at objects differently, and what they can create with them next!

  8. This is so darn cute! It is awesome that its organic as well, nice give-away!!!

  9. A few things we do to prevent energy waste is to keep all the lights off during the day and open the blinds to let in the light. Another thing is we keep out ac at 73 and on auto rather than on so it is not running all the time. My husband also re uses pickle jars to keep some of his art work supplies in them.

  10. I am expecting 2 little grandchildren within the next 12 weeks. A little girl in a couple of weeks, and a little boy at the end of October. I definitely will be sharing my newest discovery of Freecycling. Our local communities have websites that are strictly for recycling new or used items. At first, I thought this would be nothing but "someone else's garbage"! Ah, the treasures I have found and also shared. We actually got new ceiling panels for our living room, as the person over bought and needed to get rid of just the right amount we needed. Definitely an excellent way to be green and keep things out of the landfills.

  11. I tried to eliminate my daily waste with little things, cloth towels, eating leftovers for lunch etc.

  12. We are going to become a family of 5 in November. We have 2 little girls and are now expecting a little boy. To help save on cost/waste since we are dental students my second daughter uses her sister's clothes and for this new baby we have already found someone to hand down clothes to us. My husband also takes leftovers for lunch and we try to have people over for dinner as well to cut down on waste. I am also going to be teaching preschool for my girls this year and we are going to focus our science lessons on re-using materials to make new things. My girls love crafts so I'm sure we can find many fun projects to do!

  13. My fiancee and I did lots of research while pregnant. I have never put much thought into how I impact the world environmentally. Being pregant made me so much more aware of how wasteful my lifestyle was. For baby Kiera we will cloth diaper (gDiapers), use eco baby-friendly products, and support WAHMs on Etsy by purchasing what we could afford through there. I am starting to get into coupons 🙂 and recycling as often as possible. I've purchased reusable grocery bags and other items that can be reused. My family is part of a church choir where we do Back To School swaps. At the get together we bring gently used clothes that we can trade other mamas in the community. I resell gently used toys on Craigslist and use the money to buy other gently used toys. It's a great idea since not much comes out of pocket.

  14. 21 years ago, at the age of 11, I convinced my parents to start recycling household waste to cut down on what we put into the landfills, something they and my husband and I continue to do till this day. As we prepare to have children, I am again trying to convince my parents of creating less waste and using cloth diapers, something my husband and I believe strongly. We are always trying to cut down on waste, we have totally cut out paper plates and try to use things such as plastic wrap and aluminum foil at the very minimum, and instead of covering food with a paper towel in the microwave we use washable glass lids.

  15. Using reusable diapers, plant based soaps and shampoos, buying items such as wipes in bulk to reduce packaging, buying items that are Eco friendly and made from recycled materials. We ensure to only use enough water to bathe our children without overuse. We have installed energy efficient lighting in the baby room and purchase all rechargeable batteries for his toys when he is born in nov.

  16. When I was a new mom, 9 years ago, I found that we were constantly using plastic baggies, disposable baby food containers and water bottles. I felt like we needed to do something about how much waste we created. So we invested in re-usable, lifetime guarantee Tupperware Containers. We switched to packing all our snacks, fruit and sandwiches in Snack Cups or Sandwich keepers…cutting down on so much spending on disposable zippy bags and waste. We also switched from buying water bottles to using a water filter pitcher and refilling our Tupperware Water bottles…we keep 6-8 pre-filled in our fridge for the convenience of grabbing a bottle on the go, without having all the waste. Also, I began making our own baby food. My son LOVED it so much more and we were no longer throwing out 3 jars a day! Now, with our next baby due in October, we are taking it one step farther by using cloth (Fuzzibunz) diapers and reusable wipes. Plus, we are using a dresser and rocking chair from my childhood that were no longer being used. A little handy work by my hubby and they are as good as new! Lastly, we are making the most of having older cousins by taking all the hand-me-down clothes, burp cloths and blankets we can get.

  17. We are expecting our first baby this year, and we are planning on doing a number of things in hopes of limiting our impact on the environment. While planning our nursery I have been repurposing things instead of buying everything new. The dresser, glider, mirror and shelves have come from other rooms, storage or my mom, and with some cleaning, paint, fabric and knobs, they look whimsical and perfect. I also plan to breastfeed and make my own fresh baby food at home. I LOVE the idea that I will know exactly what my baby is eating and we won't have any packaging to dispose of. I have been looking into the materials that most toys are made out of: plastic, and I would really like to limit those types of toys from our house. Toys made out of wood or fabric are better for the environment, reusable, less trendy, easy to wash and will hopefully last longer. I also think used books are wonderful for young children, and can be donated or passed on once the child gets older. Hang drying towels and bulky clothes outside during the summer and inside by the fire in the winter is an easy way to reduce energy usage from the dryer. Finally, hand me downs from friends are a must! Baby clothes are adorable, but they grow out of things so quickly that I really don't see the point in buying loads of expensive designer duds! As long as my baby is clean and comfortable, I will be happy! I can't wait to teach our daughter about respecting the environment and doing her part reduce her impact on the earth! Thanks for offering this cool opportunity! The organic geometric bedding is adorable and would be awesome to win!

  18. Simply by teaching those around us to love what we have been given. Teaching kids about recycling, reusing and not littering will do wonders for the future of our environment.

  19. I love this modern, organic bedding! It is what caught my eye when I first found this website. I am pregnant with our first child after trying for quite awhile. We are not finding out the baby's gender so this is perfect for a neutral nursery.
    One way I plan to reduce waste is to breastfeed for as long as I can. This means no formula canisters to throw away. When the baby is ready to move onto food ,I plan to make my own organic baby food and composting any fruit and vegetable scraps in my compost tumbler (an anniversary gift from my husband last year). The compost will then be added to my garden next spring to enrich the soil for more vegetables and herbs.
    We are also reusing many items from family and friends. Two of my friends who have recently had babies are letting me borrow their maternity clothes. My sister is giving me many baby items that she saved from when my niece was born- her crib, bouncy seats, bath tub, baby clothes, and more. We are also reusing a desk that belonged to my dad when he was young. I used it through high school and now we are going to convert it into a changing table.

  20. Forgot to say….this is the bedding we have registered for!!! We love it 🙂

  21. My sister has registered for this bedding set and she is SO excited to have an organic environment for my niece to grow up in. I have been able to go green and reduce waste by simple things like not buying paper towels for cleaning. I use towels, sponges and dishcloths that can all be washed and reused over and over. As well, I walk to the grocery store to pick up my food for the week, saving on transportation pollutants and the possibility of over buying. I also use my reusable grocery bags, of course! Just simple things like this cut back on so much waste every day.

  22. This is an awesome contest! We are on baby #2 and doing our best to be green in all aspects of life.

    I think by far, the biggest impact that I've seen is our use of cloth napkins. (We also use cloth diapers and wipes which is a huge impact too, but I think a bit more common than cloth napkins.) Just think about those messy faces and hands in the first two years and beyond that generally need two or three or more paper napkins or paper towels to clean up. One cloth napkin per person generally lasts us 3+ meals. We wash them with our towels or baby clothes so there isn't an additional laundry load being done. Cloth napkins come in organic fabrics, cute colors and fun prints. They decorate your table instead of cut flowers that die in a few days, not to mention the landfill/energy waste of paper napkins and the plastic they come wrapped in, and the cost savings!!!

    I have children who won't eat home-made baby food due to texture issues, so I buy organic baby food jars. And yes, we go through MANY of them! But I wash them, and use them to store my daughter's clips, I have one by the sink to put my rings in and I donate loads of them to my daughter's preschool for the kids to use at craft time. My husband also uses them to store his nails, and screws, etc in the garage.

    Lastly, and very fun we go green by using large boxes as toys. The box our BBQ came in became a house, smaller boxes have become "Box City". We created a Target next to a Nordstrom, a barber shop, a dry cleaner, I can't wait to see what my daughter will make our winning boxes of bedding into!

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