Featured Bedding Collection: Blue and Green Circus Toile

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, welcome to the greatest show on Earth!  This show is sure to entertain you with amazing acts of superhuman stunts, daring feats, and hilarious hoopla!

It’s the five o’clock hour at our house … behold the feeding frenzy of three small ravenous kids, heroic acts of parental patience, and some of the greatest juggling acts this side of the Mississippi! Okay, pardon the clichés and exaggerations, but bear with me here, I’m building up to something …

This juggling act that accompanies the circus in our house each evening could well be the inspiration behind our featured bedding collection this month: a collection that can make you smile and laugh like the adorable circus animals depicted on this fabulous woven cotton toile design.

Introducing the one, the only, Blue and Green Circus Toile!  Our gorgeous stripe and dot fabrics compliment the patchwork bumper and comforter. Once you feel and touch this incredible fabric you will be hooked, like a circus elephant on peanuts! Muted shades of blues and greens make your decorating options endless with this wonderful collection.

Sound like the perfect bedding set for your budding showstopper?  Then may I direct your attention to center stage where our ringmaster would like to announce (drum roll please) a CONTEST like no other … since our last contest!

How to Enter

Just give us your tips on how to handle the circus-like atmosphere in your home, be it the dinner time ‘juggling act’, the bath time ‘tightrope walk’, the bed time ‘stick your head in the lion’s mouth trick’, or … you get the idea.  Your entry can be funny, helpful, or just plain off the wall.  We’ll pick our favorite and the grand prize will be, of course, a 4-piece Blue and Green Circus Toile bedding set!

Important: You must leave your comment on our blog to be eligible to win! The deadline to enter is Sunday, June 12, 2011 (midnight EDT). Good luck!


14 thoughts on “Featured Bedding Collection: Blue and Green Circus Toile

  1. When I come home from work "I throw my hat into the ring" . Because in my house all 3 rings are going a once. I just try to stay organize, not trip over any kids or dogs and stay happy.

  2. I have three boys and that makes for one heck of an act around here most days. I just try to stay calm and deal with the baby first considering he can't help himself and from there well some times chaos rains but mostly we just deal with one thing at a time and mom trys to hold it together.

  3. I have four so i run from one thing to the next i try to use the crock pot for dinner when i can.I also try to keep three busy while I care for one at a time it gets a little crazy some times but we manage it!

  4. I use Mommy's Timer!

    To keep early mornings less hectic and on schedule, I use a timer- I set it for 15 minutes, when it goes off, play time is over and they need to get dressed. They race to do it before the next timer goes off! After that, there is a timer to get breakfast, brush teeth, one more short playtime, then to get ready for the bus. They love it, it stops the arguing, and we are never late.

    I also use it for cleaning time. We set 15 minute timers, and we all run as fast as we can to see who can clean their room the MOST during that time.

    Get creative, and you'll think of a million ways to use this too! Kids love a challenge, it makes them work harder and faster without an argument, and it saves SO much time and sanity for momma 🙂

  5. I'm the ring leader. I juggle getting ready, feeding babe and sometimes feeding myself breakfast in the morning. Dash off to work. Come home and bathe babe, feed babe, entertain babe & put babe to sleep… oh & in the midst take 5 minutes to gobble down dinner all while hubs leisurely eats dinner & checks emails 🙂

  6. I know your not supposed to but I am a briber! I have a two boys 4 and 10 months. The 10 month old is easy he loves his baths and loves to eat, now the 4 year old is a different story. If he won't take a shower and *GASP* wash his hair I will be like if you wash your hair you can play the wii for 20 minutes or if you eat all your dinner you can have ice cream. He also hates cleaning his room so I will be say clean your room and I will get you something on pay day. It's horrible i do that, I know, but sometimes it is the only way to get him to do anything.

  7. Annnouncccccing…the greatest show on earth….the one and only, Waltz Family Circus!

    This morning alone my 2 boys have thrown me (the Ring Master) for a loop under our "Big Top"! My oldest pulled off his nightly "wardrobe" and peed on the floor of his "tent" (I let his Dad clean that one up!). The boys have thrown the couch cushions on to the floor as makeshift "nets" to protect themselves from the fall of being human "cannonballs" off the couch! My younger son has learned how to stand on chairs (so he flipped the light switches and ceiling fans on and off to 2 rooms), giving our circus quite the lighting show (and me a heart attack)! This was all before 10 a.m..

    How do I juggle it all you may ask, especially those who are "First of Mays"? I try to stay patient and get the most important things done in the day all while multitasking. When they are eating lunch, I fold laundry (that way I can fold in peace, and they are happily eating). To prevent myself from becoming the "roaring lion", I take mini time-outs for myself when I can, grabbing a moment to check my e-mail or facebook while they are happily looking at books. I'm also not afraid to ask for help from anyone who wants to be a "roustabout." I'm also aware that my big tent may not always be dust-free, and the dishes may not get done until after the kids are in bed, and I may not even get a shower until that evening when my husband gets home from work, but the kids won't remember that. They will remember me playing with them, reading to them, coloring with them, and tucking them in to bed. Our lives may be a circus, but truthfully, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'll miss my little clowns when are grown up, so I try to cherish all the good moments, and also look for the humor in the not so great ones!

  8. I have to get a tight schedule. Certain chores are done on certain days. And I have to enlist help sometimes. I agree that all three rings are going at once!

  9. I have a dry erase board that I write important dates on. I also have a schedule for bathtime, bed time and dinenr time that helps contorl the chaos

  10. In my circus we have a mom (me) a dad and two crazy little girls.. I honestly go day by day don't have a set schedule or anything but we manage to get what we have to get done everyday.. My girls are always happy and that is what makes a day a success in my eyes. I love my little circus just the way it is with everyday being crazy and fun filled with lots of smiles and laughs!

  11. We try to stay organized with a schedule of nap time, eating, ect. We try to do things at the same time each day so we get into a routine.

  12. I have to deal with a little monkey come dinner time. He clings with arms and legs tightly around me; he cannot be put down while I prepare his meal! Luckily I have a backpack carrier I can put my little monkey in so I have my hands free to work. He pops eagerly from side to side, making sure he doesn’t miss any of the goings-on. While food is warming up I swing upstairs to get his nest dark and cozy for slumber.

  13. When things get terribly crazy, I break out a whistle to let the kids know to stop what they are doing and calm down! I feel like the lion tamer at the circus when chaos is happening, but sometimes a whistle works well to get everyone's attention at once!

  14. I'm the ring leader. I juggle getting ready, feeding babe and sometimes feeding myself breakfast in the morning. Dash off to work.

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