Do-It-Yourself Nursery Design Tips

I just had a conversation with my wife last night about the need to update our rocking chair pads.  I mentioned the new Modern Fern collection and thought that pattern would go well in our living room.  But she responded by saying, “I don’t think that will match the yoga room…or do you think we should convert the office for our next baby?”

Next baby?

I thought it was funny that a little purchase like rocking chair pads would get tied to matching the next nursery theme that, at this point, is a remote possibility.  Maybe the possibility is not that remote.  At any rate, it seems like decorating the nursery doesn’t quite leave the minds of new moms.

We are not professional designers but we do like to be inventive in our household.  Our current nursery is a combination of some family pictures, animal pictures, flower and butterfly wall stickers and a combination of nature-themed decor old and new.  But given the current level of sleep deprivation in our household, we’re going to need some outside inspiration for the next nursery.  After some research, I came across a great reference for those families who take the do it yourself approach to nursery design – Project Nursery.

Their do it yourself nursery design page has lots of home grown ideas for inexpensive and creative nursery decorations.  If you want some great ideas for making your nursery unique without blowing your budget, they are an abundant resource for great ideas.


2 thoughts on “Do-It-Yourself Nursery Design Tips

  1. Funny! My husband always wonders the same. We talk about a new pillow and pretty soon I am on to redecorating the entire living room! The Modern Fern pad is very cool by the way!

  2. Yeah, these conversations usually get the best of my pocketbook!

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