DIY: Stripes in the Nursery

Note:  Guest blog post by Project Nursery Co-Founders, Melisa Fluhr & Pam Ginocchio

Parents often ask us, “How can I make the biggest impact in my child’s room without spending a ton of money?”  Our answer is paint!  For the price of two gallons, a little sweat equity and a huge sense of pride, it’s so worth it.

Consider getting a little creative with your next painting project.  Painted stripes are making a big splash in the nursery in a big way.  So why not pair your favorite Carousel Designs custom crib set with custom wall graphics of your own?

Here are a few tried and true striping tips to ensure that your next painting project goes off without a hitch!



  • Primer
  • Paint (2 colors)
  • Painters Tape
  • Paint Roller
  • Mini Paint Roller
  • Plastic Tarp
  • Pencil
  • Credit Card


  • Prep your work space. Walls should be primed for a fresh clean start, trim taped, floors and furniture covered with a tarp.
  • Paint the wall with one of the stripe colors as your base. Allow to the wall to dry for 24-48 hours.
  • Determine the distance between each stripe, measure and mark with a pencil.
  • To ensure a straight line for each stripe, use a laser level (or blue chalk line). Mark the line with a dot every 10 inches or so. Carefully run the edge of your painters tape along the dotted guide across the wall. Repeat until all the stripes are complete.
  • Burnish the edges of the painters tape with a credit card to ensure the edges of the tape are sealed so that paint does not seep under the tape.
  • Using a small paint roller, run a light coat of base paint along the edges of the painters tape. This is to again prevent paint from seeping under the tape and helps ensure a smooth clean line.
  • Once dry, fill your stripes with your second color of paint.
  • Allow paint to dry for another 24+ hours. Slowly peel back the tape angling away from the fresh paint to reveal your stripped wall!

Nursery #1 by Andrika King Design

Nursery #2 by Melisa Fluhr of Project Nursery