Daddy Dearest

Jason uniting with his father and sisters for the first time

Our Technology Director, Jason, contributed an AMAZING story of how he met his father. We wanted to share it with you since many are thinking of their dads this week.

This is Jason’s heartwarming story:

I was raised by a single mother and I never met my father. The rest of the story I had to learn from my half-sister. Apparently my father kept a picture of me as a toddler on the wall, along with all of his other family photos. He got married, had two daughters, and eventually the daughters were old enough to ask who was in the mystery picture on the wall. When my father explained it was their half-brother, they were shocked. They set about finding me and eventually they did!

A couple of months later, at age 30, I met my father for the first time, with his family. It was a remarkable experience. They were delightful, and I’ve enjoyed staying in touch with them. You go thirty years without meeting your father, and you reasonably assume that’s not something that is going to happen. Until it does.

So for me, Father’s Day is a reminder of just how improbable life can be! You can never really predict what things will come your way.