Customized Onesies Make Economical Baby Gifts

When my wife was expecting, I found myself suddenly surrounded by expecting couples. Shower invitations poured in and it seemed like there was an event every couple of weeks.  Having a limited budget and lots of shower invitations can mean reserving premium gifts for close friends and family and more budget-oriented gifts for coworkers and acquaintances

Keeping within budget while bringing a cool gift to the shower requires using a bit of creativity.  Dr. Seuss books are always a hit and today there are lots of board books that are perfect for babies who love to tear paper.  But another idea I recently discovered is creating custom onesies. is a great place to create a custom onesie (or sleeper or romper) for less than $20.  They have an intelligent interface where custom onesies can be made and visually rendered in seconds.


I haven’t ordered from them before and I wonder if others can share their experience.


One thought on “Customized Onesies Make Economical Baby Gifts

  1. I just bought one. I'll let you know how it comes out! I did look at other websites before this one. the others were much more disorganized. I made mine in about 40 seconds!

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