Crib Sheets Galore

Picking out colors and designs for your baby’s nursery can be so much fun. It can also be a little overwhelming. How do you pick out which color is right for you? How many crib sheets will you need?

A fun way to add an extra splash of color to your baby’s room is interchanging different crib sheet colors. For the most part, you’ll use the same crib bumper, comforter, and crib skirt as your baby grows. However, you will  change the crib sheet to clean and wash more frequently. Why not choose different coordinating colors to keep the crib fun?

For example, most of the crib collections here at Carousel Designs feature a least a couple of matching sheet options for each set. As an added bonus, because all of our products are sold A la carte, you can mix and match as many crib sheets that you like. We have hundreds of fabrics to choose from!

Just as an example, let’s use the Spa Pom Pon crib collection. The crib sheet featured in this crib bedding is the soft and beautiful  Solid Robin’s Egg Blue, but when you scroll through the additional matching pieces for this collection, you’ll see two more crib sheets: Solid Banana and Solid Ecru. Wouldn’t the creamy yellow color of our Solid Banana crib sheet change the look of the crib set?

Yes, a little color can really change the overall look of your crib bedding! Even though most of our crib bedding collections display one crib sheet color for the main photo, you can use the Nursery Designer to visualize what the other crib sheets will look like.

It’s simple – when you’re viewing the crib collection, simply select ‘Customize Now’ on the Customize it tab. This will transfer all the fabrics from entire crib collection into the Nursery Designer fabric palette. From here, you can change the color of the crib sheet all you want, including Solid Banana – which is what I choose for the picture shown above. In fact, you could continue to customize every portion of the crib collection that you desire.

Since you’ll be washing crib sheets, let’s face it – babies have a lot of bodily fluids, why not be ready with a few so you don’t have to wait on the laundry cycle. Have fun with it and choose a couple of colors. Maybe it will help to turn laundry time into an exciting time.

Which crib sheet colors are your favorites? Did you buy a few of the same color crib sheets or change it up a bit?