Crib Sheets — Elastic All the Way Around?

We field many questions about our crib sheets.  It is the bedding item that touches the baby the most–you could argue it is the most “important” part of the bedding ensemble for your new baby.

The most common question is if our crib sheets have elastic all the way around.  It is worth mentioning that ALL of our standard crib sheets all have elastic all the way around.  In the past 21 years we’ve made literally thousands of crib sheets–experimented with different cuts, fabrics, and crib mattresses.  When we make a crib sheet we are taking into consideration all of those different factors, and we’ve got a wealth of experience to make sure that we get it right.

Here’s what you get from a Carousel Designs fitted crib sheet:

  1. deep pockets to accomodate for shrinkage?  YES
  2. fine fabrics that are fit for sheeting?  YES
  3. elastic all the way around?  YES

Any other questions about our sheets?  Just ask!