Create Your Own Nursery Decor Pieces

Are you crafty? Do you know how to sew? Do you crave a one-of-a-kind creation for your baby’s nursery?

If so, check out our vast selection of fabrics, featured in many of the same prints our baby bedding products use. Whether you choose to make a decorative pillow, curtains or window treatments, or a chair cover, these fabrics will take you to your final destination in style. Additionally, many of these fabrics coordinate perfectly with other Carousel Design products.

Use your imagination, look around, and release some creative energy!

Our fabrics are available by the yard. For more information, visit the Fabrics section of our Web site.


2 thoughts on “Create Your Own Nursery Decor Pieces

  1. Do you have any recommend patterns for a novice to decorate a baby nursery?

  2. It depends on medium and the tastes of the decorators. Our baby's nursery is a combination of a hanging heirloom blanket, some nice curtains from and an assortment of flower and butterfly stickers that coordinate with the paint and framed photographs. has some good ideas here.

    Local artists can also be inspirational. A local artist in Atlanta creates some really nice murals that are imaginative and tasteful.

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