Contoured vs. Flat Changing Pads

If you are having a baby, you have an important decision to make – a decision that outweighs all others.  No, I’m not talking about what doctor to choose, what prenatal vitamin to take, or even what the baby’s name will be. I am talking about the penultimate decision that will shape the next years of your life.  Yes, I am talking about the changing pads.

What’s that you say?  Changing pads are an afterthought, an inconsequential piece of baby gear, some sort of commodity to throw under your child when you change their pants!!!  Well, you have A LOT to learn.

Contoured Changing Pad

Sooooo, maybe I exaggerate, but come on, how else can I get you excited about changing pads?  And besides, it is something you will use multiple times every day, so you might as well get one you like.  These cushions fit almost any changing table or dresser, with a safety belt attached over the baby’s mid-section and a security strap that keeps the pad attached to the furniture.  It’s designed to offer the baby comfort and the parent easy cleaning.

Basic changing pads are flat, but there are also contoured pads that have a “U” shaped in the center; the higher “walls” help prevent the baby from rolling too far in either direction.  Fortunately, we offer changing pad covers to match your bedding which are machine washable for easy clean up and to extend the life of your changing pad.

Flat Changing Pad

Our contoured changing pad cover fits similar to a crib sheet with an elastic on the four corners for a snug fit.  The flat changing pad cover is flat, and is similar to a pillow case enclosing the entire changing pad. These covers are not padded, since they fit over the pad itself.

You now have the skinny on changing pads, so feel good about the decision you make.