Choosing Cradle Bedding

Without a doubt, the cradle becomes a special item when your newborn arrives home.  It’s the first place your baby will sleep after coming home.  Having it properly prepared is important as the baby makes the transition to their new surroundings.

There are many types and styles of cradles available including the more modern gliding cradles.  But whether your cradle is the rocking type or the gliding type, the standard cradle mattress size is 18″ x 36″.  It is important to choose bedding specifically made for the cradle so that it does not bunch, gather or leave gaps between the mattress and the rails.

Cradles are designed for use in the initial months when a baby first arrives home.  Many parents keep the cradle right beside their own bed, at least for the first couple of weeks.  And some parents choose never move the cradle to the nursery at all.  When baby is big enough to move into the nursery, they move right into the crib.

Depending on how and where the cradle is used, there are many options for incorporating cradle bedding into your home.  With literally dozens of designed cradle bedding sets available, coordinating your baby’s first sleeping quarters with the nursery or the bedroom is easy with the vast selection from Carousel Designs.  From designer modern fern to simple, solid white – cradle sheets, bumpers and blankets are available a la carte or as matching bundles to suit every new parent’s needs.