Changing Pad Covers Keep A Nursery Tidy

Today’s changing tables are built with baby safety in mind and most have a convenient strap to keep baby from accidentally rolling off the table.  The contoured changing pads add a small lip on either side for an extra bit of safety.  We actually have an old fashioned baby buggy stroller that doubles as a cradle as well as an emergency changing area and it uses a flat changing pad insert.  In the nursery we have a changing pad table that has the contoured changing pad.

In either case, it has become abundantly clear that a back-up changing pad cover is not just prudent, but often necessary.  In the early days of diaper changing, I simply could not figure out how to take care of all the tasks with just two hands.  And that inexperience often presented a need to quickly wash the changing pad cover.  And babies typically don’t wait until the wash and dry cycle are complete before demanding a fresh diaper change.

For the old fashioned buggy changing pad we stuck with the simple, solid white changing pad cover.  For our nursery and the contoured changing pad, we went with the pink minky changing pad cover as it matched the rest of the nursery.

Quality changing pad covers make great baby gifts and most parents would appreciate a second set.  At, we have over 150 designs to choose from in both flat and contoured designs.  Starting at just $14, these great gifts will be easy on the pocketbook as well.