Carousel Designs Outlet Store Expands Offerings

We’re pretty excited about what has been going on over at the outlet store .  After a bit of brainstorming, there were several efforts made to “sharpen our pencils”, become more efficient and be better able to offer a wider array of discount baby bedding.

Here are a couple of good points from today’s press release:

“Our designer collections are composed of specific fabrics that have been detailed by our design team,” added Allan Sicat, President of Carousel Designs. “Sometimes a fabric vendor will unexpectedly discontinue a fabric that we use as a part of a designed baby bedding collection. When that happens, we must find ways to optimize and utilize those specific fabrics. We salvage the situation by creating new, limited, high-quality products at deeply discounted prices.”

And to add to this point:

The multitude of steps involved in designing a new collection can take many iterations of testing before producing the end product that is offered on “When we design a new collection we might make several versions of a crib skirt, for instance, to see which one best aligns with the overall designed collection,” stated Rose Grove, Carousel Designs’ lead designer. “Even though a particular crib skirt or comforter creation doesn’t make it into a designed collection, it still remains well made, beautifully crafted and unique.”

The bottom line?  We just opened the door to greater savings on our website.  If you haven’t dropped by the outlet store lately, check it out.  We have made it even easier to buy unique, high-quality, American-made baby bedding on a budget.