Carousel Designs launches its Kids Bedding Line!

So, what do you do when you’ve spent all that time (and money) creating the perfect, most beautiful, nursery for your precious little guy or gal, and the unthinkable happens…they grow up!?

It seems to happen before you know it…our little babies turn into little toddlers, and then little kids.  And then all of the sudden, they’re climbing out of their crib and begging to sleep in a “big boy bed”.  (Yes, I’m drawing on personal experience here.)

Never fear…Carousel Designs has just launched our Kids Bedding line!

We now offer a full line of twin, full, and queen bedding!  Our duvet covers, pillow cases and shams, and bed skirts will help transition your little guy as he grows out of his crib but you don’t want to completely redecorate his room.

And while we currently have just a few of our kids bedding collections photographed on our website, but you can always call us to get our kid-sized pieces in whatever fabrics you want.

We’ll be introducing new kids bedding collections over the next few months so check back often!