Carousel Designs Featured Collection: Retro Owls

Are there any similarities between an owl and a new parent? For centuries these nocturnal animals have been viewed as wise and protective creatures…nocturnal, wise, protective….hmm, does that sound familiar to you?

If you have just become a new parent, you may be feeling owl-like as well…although hopefully minus the feathers, bulging yellow eyes and appetite for field mice. For instance, once annoyed when awakened by a neighbor’s dog before 6 am, you now eagerly tend to your son for his regular 2 am feeding and secretly look forward to spending this time alone with him…feeling nocturnal? You also may seem wise beyond your years, knowing that the overwhelming feeling of love you have for your new baby is just the tip of what you would do to make sure your child is happy, comfortable and cared for. And of course you know there isn’t anything you wouldn’t do to protect your new bundle of joy. While you might not do any of these things perched on a tree branch or saying “who-o-o, who-o-o,” it’s no wonder many expectant parents choose to bring this symbolism into their nurseries.

We here at Carousel Designs are delighted to feature one of our newest designs, Retro Owls! Make a unique lair for your little night owl with adorable retro owls perched high on their branches. We designed this new collection to incorporate retro designs with accents of rich chocolate suede and tan minky chenille. The “way too cool” chevron stripe tops off this fabulous ensemble…guaranteed to bring lots of smiles and giggles from your little man! Not only will you bring fun and frolic to your nursery, you will also enjoy the symbolism inspired by these protective creatures.

In celebration of our first featured collection, we’ll be hosting a fantastic giveaway! Watch our Facebook page and stay tuned for details on our “Life’s a Hoot” photo contest. The grand prize will be, of course, a 4-piece Retro Owls bedding set!

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  1. Love the bedding pattern, so different and unique!

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