Can I Spark Your Pinterest?

If you are a mom or going to be a mom in the near future, you are busy planning, preparing and doing.  To aide you in this, what better resource is there than the internet for inspirational ideas, advice, and amazing pictures on any topic.  The challenge is that the internet can also be a black hole of sorts, with millions of websites, products, and blogs (just do a Google search on baby ideas and tell me which of the 315 Million results is most relevant to you?).  How does one navigate this resource, and avoid being lost in the abyss?

For me, I have found a magic bullet for this challenge. It’s called Pinterest. It’s a great website for planning, organizing, and remembering those cool recipes, crafts, and other things you find on the world wide web by pinning photos, videos, and other content to virtual boards (while maintaining links back to the original site).  You can also follow other user’s boards for ideas and inspiration. This can be a great tool for doing any number of things, but I find it particularly useful for preparing for your new little one, including:

  • Design a Nursery.  You may cut out clippings in magazines, see displays at stores that inspire you, or find images on the web that you would like to incorporate in your new babies room.  With Pinterest, you can create a board of such images (Pinterest Mobile allows you to pin things while out and about), and easily refer to this board when deciding on fabrics, furniture and accessories for the room.
  • Meal Planning. Instead of “winging it” when it comes to dinnertime (same goes for your little one’s lunchboxes), plan your menu based on allergies, health, budget, or just preferences when it comes to meals.  The visual of what you’ve planned for the week can be much more inspiring when it comes to shopping and making the meals.  And once you’ve pinned a number of recipes that you find appealing, you’ll always have a collection of tasty treats you can cook when you or your little munchkins are hungry and looking for ideas.
  • DIY House Projects.  If your husband’s honey-do list suddenly increases because of this one, he may not fall in love with Pinterest.  But if you introduce one project at a time, he will love the on-line tutorials and ideas for fixing or designing almost anything around the house!
  • Seasonal Inspiration.  Fall is a great time of the year to get in the spirit and bring a little Halloween or fall décor into your house.  Get inspired by visuals and step-by-step guides to creating the perfect fall haven in your home.
  • Kid Fun and Craft.  For those cozy rainy days, refer to the board you’ve been pinning with fun crafts to do with your kids.  Show them different ideas and let them pick the one that looks the best to them!
  • Organization Ideas.  This is by far my favorite and most useful.  I constantly hear of organization tips that I want to put to use.  Before, I never could remember where I saw something or what it was.  Now I just pin these ideas and try to complete one idea a week – organization saves time and money in the end!
  • Themed Parties. Remember when I couldn’t think of an idea my daughter’s fourth birthday?  This was before I discovered Pinterest, and although I was saved by readers, I can now refer to party ideas and see examples of them to boot.
  • Sewing:  Have you found a fabric you love and would like to incorporate it into your room or home.  Search the pinboards for sewing ideas and either do-it-yourself, or have it done by a talented friend!

If you can’t tell, I really like Pinterest.  Let’s put it this way, if Pinterest was a Sherpa, you’d be at the top of Mt. Everest in no time … no wait, if Pinterest was a rescue dog, with a little barrel of brandy around it’s neck … no, that does not work either.  Let’s just say that Pinterest has been a big help to me in getting organized with some project ideas and has transformed the way I look at bookmarking on the web.  Readers, have you discovered Pinterest and what’s your favorite pin?