Can I Help You?

I remember once when I was sick with a bad cold, a dear friend of mine stopped by with a care package. Inside were items that would help me feel more comfortable. She packed tissues, orange juice, cold medicine, oil of oregano, and a chocolate bar for me. (Hey, a girl needs her chocolate whether she’s sick or not.) It might as well have been a box of gold because I was so touched by her thoughtfulness.

Our lives seem to get busier and busier, and we could all use a hand sometimes. When someone sees a need that we have and fills it, it makes what you’re experiencing easier to tackle.

This especially rings true when you have a new baby. I’ve talked to moms who expressed how much their emotions and schedules change after giving birth, and what really helped them was having friends and family members offer a helping hand.

Of course, a new mom may not be ready for a ‘pop in’ visit. We would definitely do well to call first. It’s nice to ask, “Can I help you?”  But since it might be hard for a person to tell you what they need help with, why not be ready with some suggestions when you call?

Here are some ideas:

  • A home cooked meal – Most likely the first few weeks after giving birth, there will not be extra time or energy to make meals. A cute idea would be to mix all the ingredients together in a disposable oven-safe pan, and place the baking temp and time on a pretty card. Then no one needs to clean and return a baking dish.
  • Babysit – Mom may want a moment to run an errand or grab a bite with dad; your offer to watch the little one (as a gift) may be just what the doctor ordered.
  • Help mom get some sleep – Arrange a day when you can go over to the new mom’s home (so she can sleep in her own bed), and then watch the little one for a few hours. This is a plus for you too because this gives you an opportunity to spend time with the new addition!
  • Chores around the house – Doing a load of laundry, vacuuming, dusting, these are all things that any of us would love someone else to do for us. Can you imagine how grateful mom would be if you offered to take care of one or two of those tasks?
  • Grocery run – We all go to the grocery store anyway, how special will mom feel if you ask her what you can pick up for her while you’re there?

If you’re a mom who would like to express how someone really helped you, please post a comment. We will really enjoy it. Plus you’ll give other readers great ideas!