Baby Surprise!

It seems that many parents these days are waiting to find out the gender of their baby. Some parents that I know already had boys and girls and for their last child, they thought it would be nice to wait and find out at birth.

While birth would be such an exciting time to find out if you’re having a little son or daughter, I wonder: could I really wait? I don’t think I could. For me it would be exciting to use my baby’s name while I’m pregnant and start buying little clothes (dresses and bows or football jerseys and mini suits) for my sweetie ahead of time.

I have to say though that even the doctor’s pronouncements of boy or girl are not always 100%. When my mom was expecting me, the doctor assured her that I was a boy. My parents picked out my name (Adam) and decorated the nursery for a boy. Mom also was given the cutest little baby boy clothes at the baby shower, but – uh oh! – I was a girl. Mom said the doctor was shocked when I turned out to be a baby girl, and he said, “I can’t believe it!” She had to remind him that there was a 50/50 chance.

Whether you’re waiting to find out or not, there are so many gender neutral options available nowadays. Here at Carousel Designs, there is an abundance of gender neutral bedding collections.

One of my favorites is the Gray and Yellow Zig Zag collection, but there are many to choose from.


So are you waiting to find out your baby’s gender? Please share with us how you plan to decorate your nursery and how you’re able to contain the curiosity.