Baby Nursery Design Tips: Heading Into a Season of Holidays

Doesn’t it seem like once October hits, the rest of the year flies by? I think part of the reason may be because those three months are filled with fun holidays. Once Halloween is over, it’s high-speed on to Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years’, and other holidays. As the rest of the house makes a whirlwind of decorative changes, baby’s nursery often gets left out. But there are some options to make the nursery just as festive as the other rooms in the house.

1: Add holiday-inspired accessories to the nursery (like pillows, paper decorations such as white snowflakes, and framed photos)

2: The fall and winter holidays are characterized by warm light – add lamps, or other soft lighting to baby’s room. Securely-fastened stringed lights along the ceiling line create a festive vibe as well (and you might just decide to leave those lights in place after the holidays!)

3: Apply a neutral touch. There’s no color combination worse than baby blue or pink coupled with the holiday colors of orange, red, and green. When decorating your baby’s nursery, start neutral and it will be easy to add decorative touches when the holidays roll around. Otherwise, choose decorations that accent rather than clash with the nursery.

Happy Decorating!