New Fabrics

These are the latest fabrics available from Carousel Designs. We continue to add fabric of the latest colors and fashion to keep our inventory fresh and exciting!

Gray and White Elephants
New! Gray and White Elephants

Gray Arrow
New! Gray Arrow

White and Gold Dot
New! White and Gold Dot

Gold Herringbone
New! Gold Herringbone

Cloud Gray Horizontal Stripe
New! Cloud Gray Horizontal Stripe

Mint Herringbone
New! Mint Herringbone

Peach and Gold Birds
New! Peach and Gold Birds

Gold Houndstooth
New! Gold Houndstooth

Petal Pink Medallion
New! Petal Pink Medallion

Pink Horizontal Stripe
New! Pink Horizontal Stripe

Purple Heather Medallion
New! Purple Heather Medallion

Purple Heather Stripe
New! Purple Heather Stripe

Purple Heather Floral
New! Purple Heather Floral

Mint and Gold Triangles
New! Mint and Gold Triangles

Solid Gold Satin
New! Solid Gold Satin

Cloud Gray Quatrefoil
New! Cloud Gray Quatrefoil

French Gray Damask
New! French Gray Damask

Gold Triangles
New! Gold Triangles

Peach and Mint Bumble Dot
New! Peach and Mint Bumble Dot

Peach and Mint Bumble Bee
New! Peach and Mint Bumble Bee

Navy Quatrefoil
New! Navy Quatrefoil

Ash Gray Anchors
New! Ash Gray Anchors

White and Gold Birds
New! White and Gold Birds

Mint and Gold Chevron
New! Mint and Gold Chevron

White and Gold Chevron
New! White and Gold Chevron

Peach Pink and Gold Dot
New! Peach Pink and Gold Dot

Peach Pink and Gold Chevron
New! Peach Pink and Gold Chevron

Solid Seafoam Aqua Minky
New! Solid Seafoam Aqua Minky

French Gray Quatrefoil
New! French Gray Quatrefoil

Aqua and Amethyst Laval
New! Aqua and Amethyst Laval

Coral and Aqua Medallion
New! Coral and Aqua Medallion

Navy Anchors
New! Navy Anchors

Solid Coral Minky
New! Solid Coral Minky

French Gray Dot
New! French Gray Dot

Cloud Gray Houndstooth
New! Cloud Gray Houndstooth

Coral Zig Zag
New! Coral Zig Zag

Mint Large Quatrefoil
New! Mint Large Quatrefoil

Purple Dots
New! Purple Dots

Coral Pinwheels
New! Coral Pinwheels

Coral Quatrefoil
New! Coral Quatrefoil

Aqua Dim Dots
New! Aqua Dim Dots

Coral and Gray Triangles
New! Coral and Gray Triangles

Mint Zippy Chevron
New! Mint Zippy Chevron

Coral Honeycomb
New! Coral Honeycomb

Aqua Lavinia
New! Aqua Lavinia

Solid Mauve
New! Solid Mauve

Bright Pink Pindot
New! Bright Pink Pindot

Coral Suzani
New! Coral Suzani

Coral Damask
New! Coral Damask

Coral Chelsea
New! Coral Chelsea

Coral Scribbles
New! Coral Scribbles

Bright Pink Dot
New! Bright Pink Dot