Green Camo Three-piece Cradle Bedding Set

Our 3-piece set in the Green Camo Cradle Bedding collection includes:

  • Green Camo Cradle Bumper
  • Green Camo Cradle Blanket
  • Solid Chocolate Brown Cradle Sheet

Made in the USA by Carousel Designs

Green Camo Three-piece Cradle Bedding Set

Fabric Swatches (Details...)
4 Fabric Swatchesin stockFREE
Tan Minky Chenille Fabric Swatch 125x125 imageGreen Camouflage Minky Fabric Swatch 125x125 imageSolid Chocolate Brown Fabric Swatch 125x125 imageSolid Black Minky Fabric Swatch 125x125 image

Colors and textures may vary slightly than as depicted on your monitor. Fabric swatches are a great way to "touch and feel" the product before placing an order.

  • Our minky swatches measure approximately 2½"x4".
  • Our solid swatches measure approximately 4"x5".
  • For any fabric that has a large repeat pattern, the swatch will measure approximately 6"x8".
Green Camo Cradle Bumper 250x250 imageGreen Camo Cradle Bumper


Green Camo Cradle Blanket 250x250 imageGreen Camo Cradle Blanket


Solid Chocolate Brown Cradle Sheet 250x250 imageSolid Chocolate Brown Cradle Sheet


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