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Designing your baby's nursery is personal and fun. And Carousel Designs' custom baby bedding can make your nursery extra special. No matter what your style or skill level, we've created easy options to help you design the perfect baby bedding:

Want to customize a product that you don’t see in the Nursery Designer? Call Customer Service today to order the additional custom items over the phone!

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Choose from over 300 different fabrics and order fabric swatches to find the perfect design.

Love Bird DamaskFrench Gray DamaskWhite and Gold BirdsSolid Seafoam Aqua MinkyMint and Gold ChevronWhite and Gold ChevronGold TrianglesWhite and Gray Zig ZagMint and Gold TrianglesPink and Gray ChevronWhite and Gold DotGray and White ElephantsGray ArrowMint HerringboneSolid Coral MinkyPeach Pink and Gold ChevronCloud Gray HoundstoothFrench Gray DotCoral Zig ZagFrench Gray QuatrefoilNavy AnchorsAqua and Amethyst LavalCoral QuatrefoilPeach Pink and Gold DotCoral and Aqua MedallionMint Zippy ChevronMint Large QuatrefoilAqua Dim DotsPink CirclesWhite and Gray Polka DotCoral ChelseaCoral DamaskCoral HoneycombCoral SuzaniWhite and Gray ElephantsCoral PinwheelsCoral and Gray TrianglesSolid MauveBright Pink PindotPurple DotsAqua LaviniaCoral ScribblesPink FloralLove BirdsBright Pink DotGray and White Polka DotPink and Gray RosaMist and Gray ChevronSolid MistPink Dimpled MinkyNursery Rhyme ToileSolid Mint MinkyGray Traditions DamaskTeal Flower GardenCoral and Teal FloralPink and Taupe DamaskWhite and Navy Zig ZagNavy Moroccan QuatrefoilMint MockingbirdSolid Seafoam AquaSolid MintSolid Light CoralSpa and Gray FretworkSolid Pink MinkyPink Osborne DamaskLilac and Slate Gray ChevronSolid NavyLilac and Silver Gray DamaskSolid PeachSolid Emerald Turquoise

For information about creating your custom baby bedding, contact us and we will walk you through the process.

Step 11. Design - Drag and drop fabrics to create your perfect crib bedding.
Step 22. Order - Add the custom items to your cart and place your order.
Step 33. Fabric Swatches - If you don't already have swatches we'll send them to you free of charge.
Step 44. Authorize - Once you review your swatches and are satisfied, you must authorize your order through the link included in your order confirmation. If you want to make changes, call us.
Step 55. Production - 3 to 4 weeks. When we receive your authorization, we will begin production on your custom order.
Step 66. Shipping - Delivery time is 1 to 5 business days. *Shipping to Canada will require additional time.