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Choose from over 600 different fabrics and order fabric swatches to find the perfect design.

  • Pink Floral
  • Navy and Orange Woodland Animals
  • Gray Woodland Animals
  • Coral and Teal Arrows
  • Gray and Orange Necktie Stripe
  • Windsor Navy Herringbone
  • Gray and Taupe Buffalo Check
  • Coral and Teal Buffalo Check
  • Navy and Red Buffalo Check
  • Navy and Orange Buffalo Check
  • Gray Plaid
  • Taupe and White Buffalo Check
  • Taupe Woodgrain
  • Navy and Seafoam Plaid
  • Gray Fish
  • Navy and Seafoam Fish
  • Love Bird Damask
  • Navy and White Buffalo Check
  • Pastel Purple Heather
  • Amethyst Heather
  • Lilac Heather
  • Navy Brave Fox
  • Pink and Gray Sloth
  • French Gray and White Buffalo Check
  • Pink Hawaiian Floral
  • Solid Navy
  • Solid Pink
  • Navy Woodland Animals
  • Icy Mint and Silver Gray Baby Woodland
  • Gray and White Marching Elephants
  • Windsor Navy Deer Head
  • White and Gray Polka Dot
  • White Minky Chenille
  • Onyx and White Stripe
  • Pink and Gray Chevron
  • Love Birds
  • Pink Circles
  • Watercolor Baseball
  • White and Onyx Aztec Triangles
  • Mint and Navy Moroccan Damask

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Our Process

Step 1
1. Design - Drag and drop fabrics to create your perfect crib bedding.
Step 2
2. Order - Add the custom items to your cart and place your order.
Step 3
3. Fabric Swatches - If you don't already have swatches we'll send them to you free of charge. If you want to make changes, call us. 1-800-600-5190
Step 4
4. Authorize - Once you review your swatches and are satisfied, you must authorize your order through the link included in your order confirmation. This locks in your custom order and no changes can be made after you authorize.
Step 5
5. Production - 4 weeks. When we receive your authorization, we will begin production on your custom order.
Step 6
6. Shipping - Delivery time is 1 to 5 business days. *Shipping to Canada will require additional time.

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