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High End Baby Bedding

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

I know that in the past when I have been looking for a particular product and I am exploring an unfamiliar industry like a lot of other people I’ll check and see what is the most expensive. It’s human nature to associate price with quality–especially when you simply just don’t know much about the particular products for which you are shopping.

With baby bedding you may start out a searching for “high end baby bedding” or “luxury baby bedding”. You may find baby bedding sold at a particular store and sort by price high-to-low just to see what’s “the best” out there. Being in the crib bedding and juvenile products industry for many years I have seen too often that high prices does not necessarily mean “high end”. In fact, sometimes I am shocked to find a particular bedding collection or crib set that is priced so high (sometimes over $1,000) when the quality of fabrics and workmanship is no better than what we offer.

Factors such as the cost of making the bedding, the number or times the bedding must change hands from manufacturer to store to customer, as well as the brand name, will dictate the price–often it’s not the quality!

At Carousel Designs, we use only the finest fabrics coupled with superior quality standards to manufacture our baby bedding and nursery décor. We’ve been doing this for over 21 years and thoroughly inspect every product that we make before it leaves our shop located in Douglasville, Georgia. Everything is made right here in the USA so it is very easy for us to ensure that every step of the process maintains our strict quality standards.

Since we sell direct to the consumer on our website we are able to pass the savings of having no traditional retail markup along to our customers. Back in the 90′s when we only sold our products to the better baby specialty stores it was typical to find our 4-piece crib bedding sets sold as high as $500-$700. Since then, we have actually continued to improve our quality standards while selling our products at much lower prices. Our current 4-piece crib sets are usually between $200-$300 and as sometimes as low as $99! Check out our outlet section to see many first-quality crib sets offered at deeply discounted prices.

In an era where you’ll find the terms “factory direct” or “direct to the consumer” overused and not always accurate know that you are truly buying directly from the factory with us.

If you have the opportunity, please read some of our customer testimonials. You’ll find several messages submitted by actual customers consistently praising the quality of our bedding and many more saying how they were very “surprised” or “shocked” with the quality. These are real examples where people have traditionally associated price with quality. That’s why you simply can’t measure our quality by comparing prices at Carousel Designs to the prices of baby bedding offered by the competition. It’s apples and oranges.


Carousel Designs Featured in Fortune and CNN Money

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Carousel Designs was recently featured in an article by Fortune Small Business Magazine / CNN Money. The article focuses on the company’s ongoing growth efforts led by Allan Sicat and Jonathan Hartley, the company’s President and CEO. Selected as the July/August 2009 Small Business Makeover recipient, Fortune and CNN Money solicited the assistance of 3 external business consultants to provide practical advice on business obstacles the company leaders face.

Specifically, these consultants provided insight and shared their expertise in the areas of brand marketing, finance, and inventory management. Because of the co-owner’s unique connection as West Point classmates and former Army officers, the article humorously and ironically relates their experiences in the baby bedding industry to that of a battle zone.

 Check out the article here:

And the associated video here:

We hope you enjoy it. 

Allan Sicat and Jonathan Hartley at the Carousel Designs Manufacturing Facility in Douglasville, GA

Allan Sicat and Jonathan Hartley at the Carousel Designs Manufacturing Facility in Douglasville, GA