Rocking Chair Pads to Coordinate or Just for Comfort

Given the cold snap of the past week, spending a little more time in front of the fireplace in your rocking chair may be in order.  If your rocking chair is not the most comfortable chair in the house, it may be time to upgrade your rocking chair pad.

At, we don’t just make baby bedding.  We feature over 80 different styles of rocking chair pads made with generous padding and high quality craftsmanship.  Whether your rocking chair is in the nursery or in the living room, our vast collection of colors and patterns make it easy to find the perfect coordinating chair pad.  Whether your decor is serious or serene, we probably have the right style to match.

Our rocking chair pads are made for the traditional style rocking chairs and are not suitable for gliders.  The bottom cushion measures 20″ wide by 18″ deep and the back cushion is 30″ high and tapers from 21″ at the top to 17″ at the bottom.  Starting at $44, giving your rocking chair a facelift is also easy on the pocketbook.

Enjoy the cold nights and frosty mornings of winter kicking back and rocking in comfort.

Sage and Chocolate Damask Rocking Chair Pad

Sage and Chocolate Damask Rocking Chair Pad