The Wonderful World of Fabric

January 2nd, 2013

Fabric is like an artist’s tool. It starts out as a sheet of color that can develop into innumerable creations. From clothing, to furniture coverings, to … baby bedding! The designs are endless!

At Carousel Designs, we offer more than 300 fabrics by for sale by the yard. Because we allow our customers the option of using any of our fabrics to customize their baby bedding, the fabrics by the yard can also be used in your custom bedding.

This provides a lot of room for creativity. You can use a fabric you love in your little one’s bedding and purchase fabric to create matching accents in the nursery. If you have sewing skills, or want to experiment with patterns, you could even make a matching outfit. Then you’ll see the fabric you love outside the home.


Some fabrics we could suggest are Anna’s Zoo, Juliet Damask, and Windy Day. These are all so playful, and they are all available in our designed collections. But these only scratch the surface of the variety of patterns and colors we offer.

Ana's Zoo 500x500 image     Juliet Damask 500x500 image    Windy Day 500x500 image

Even if you’re not expecting or designing a nursery, you can take advantage of our wide selection of fabric by the yard for any of your sewing and design projects.

My mother absolutely loved the Windy Day fabric, so she ordered the fabric by the yard to use as a tablecloth. It looks really cute! I’ve had my eye on the Sightseeing Toile which has light-hearted drawings of famous places to see from all around the world. I thought this would be fun to use to recover the seat on the desk chair in my home office.

Sightseeing Toile 500x500 image

With hundreds of fabrics, you have plenty to choose from. Thinking of a project now? Why not purchase fabric swatches of a few to get the artistic juices flowing. Fabric swatches are an actual sample of the fabric, so you can touch and feel the texture and mix and match the patterns and colors. Let the fun begin!

An Outlet for You!

December 4th, 2012

Discontinued collections, dye lot changes, surplus inventory – these are usual occurrences within the baby bedding world. You can benefit from these events when you purchase from our outlet section. Did you know we have an outlet section? We do! It’s located under the Sale tab on our website.

In the outlet, you’ll find a variety of items at a discounted price. All of these items are new, but we offer the lower price since we will no longer maintain the items in inventory. Are you looking for extra crib sheets? You can never have enough. Why not browse the outlet to see if there are a couple sheets that coordinate with your nursery? Does grandma or auntie host sleepovers? You may enjoy looking for a portable crib set or cradle set to outfit the temporary nursery.

Maybe you’re just looking to save a little. Since all the items are quality Carousel Designs products, you will have the designs and colors you’ve been eyeing at a discount price. In addition to crib bedding, the outlet also discounts changing pad covers, mobiles, rocking chair and high chair pads, and much more.

In fact, the outlet offers several sets which include different combinations of products to help complete the nursery. The outlet is constantly changing to do the limited availability, but we offer sets for portable cribs and standard cribs.


Is there a collection that you liked that was recently discontinued? Carousel Designs will place the remaining product inventory in the outlet which results in a nice discount.

We all love to find a deal. We hope that the variety in the outlet provides plenty of options when you are looking for savings on gifts for others or gifts for you!