Trims and Ties and Everything Nice

October 10th, 2012

The little things mean so much! This applies to the finishing touches on the baby bedding you choose. From piping to ruffles, Carousel Designs takes great care to create a product that compliments your nursery down to the smallest pieces.

Have you noticed the difference? Some bumpers, comforters, and decorative pillows have piping while others have ruffles. Some drapes have a hidden tab while others have tie-tops. It may seem that these little changes would have a small result, but it’s quite the opposite.

Let’s say you like the gender neutral Gray and Yellow Zig Zag collection, but you want don’t want the traditional piping on the bumper, you can add a ruffle in our Nursery Designer!

Nursery Designer

What about drapes? Let’s say that you love the drapes that coordinate with the Gray and Yellow Zig Zag collection, but you want another splash of color? You can customize the drapes in our Drape Designer. Change from hidden tab to tie-tops and use Solid Banana for the ties – tadah!

Drape Designer

We want you to have the nursery of your dreams. That means making sure that you have choices for all aspects of your baby’s bedding, including the ties and trims! Select from dozens of our bedding collections, add your personal touches, or even start from scratch using the Nursery and Drape Designers. We’ll be happy to assist you in the process. Please call our customer service representatives at 800-600-5190 to answer any of your questions on how to customize your baby bedding.

That’s a Wrap!

September 21st, 2012

There’s nothing like being wrapped up in your favorite blanket – sitting on a comfy chair, drinking cocoa, and watching your favorite show. It’s the same for the little ones, although cocoa may be replaced with a bottle of momma’s milk.

If you haven’t found that perfect snuggly for your little bundle of joy, look no further! Carousel Designs offers a coordinating baby blanket for most of our bedding collections. We love being a part of the baby blanket making process from start to finish.

Navy and Yellow Dots and Stripes Crib Blanket



Most Carousel Designs baby blankets are produced with a cuddly minky fabric on one side and a beautiful solid or print on the other. Our Navy and Yellow Dots and Stripes blanket is one of my new favorites. It pairs our Yellow Minky with the Navy and White Polka Dot cotton fabric.

We also offer organic fleece blankets with an organic cotton fabric as the trim. If you are looking for organic blankets for your little girl, you’ll love the Pink Organic blanket.


Pink Organic Crib Blanket with Wide Trim

Our blankets are available in a standard crib and portable crib size. The standard crib blanket is 34”x 43,” and the portable crib blanket is 29”x 39.”

Browsing through our many designed collections, there are numerous options to choose from. In fact, you can also customize the fabric used on your blanket, so it perfectly fits your style. What if you want minky fabrics on both sides of your blanket? We can do it!  Now the options are endless!

Our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you in customizing your baby’s blanket and finding your new cuddly snuggle.